Eight-Month Pregnant Mom and Her Unborn Baby Daughter Die Just Days Before Christmas

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Dec 23, 2015   |   1:14PM   |   Washington, DC

Tragedy struck a British family after a pregnant woman and her 8-month unborn baby died just 16 days before Christmas.

Zoe Rimington, 27, and her newborn baby girl, Elsie, died on Dec. 9, leaving behind husband, Chris, and daughter, 2-year-old Evie, according to The Daily Mail.

Rimington appeared to have had a very caring heart. People described her as an “amazing” mother, and she also worked with people with learning disabilities.

Tragedy struck while the young mother and her family were visiting her father and she began to experience severe chest pains. As her husband called an ambulance, Rimington passed out, according to the report. Though medical staff tried to revive her, she died before reaching the hospital, the report states.

Doctors, recognizing the value of her unborn daughter’s life, delivered the baby girl in an attempt to save her life, but she also died soon after she was born, the report states. At eight months, the baby girl was viable outside the womb.

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Rimington’s father, Chris Lawrence, said she seemed fine shortly before the incident. He told the newspaper:

‘All of a sudden, she started to get terrible pains and started losing consciousness.

‘We were having real trouble bringing her round and we phoned an ambulance straight away. It just escalated from nought to 100 in no time at all.

‘The paramedics came and got her. They were still trying to revive her when they reached the hospital.

‘They were giving her CPR, but we think she died in the ambulance.

‘They took the baby out and tried to keep her alive, but there were no brainwaves and they had to make the decision to turn off the machine.’

The exact cause of their tragic deaths was unclear in the report, but a fundraising page set up for the family says Rimington died during “early labor.” The fundraising page will help pay for the mother and child’s funeral.

“In Zoe and baby Elsie we have lost two angels,” Lawrence said. “There are no words to describe how heartbroken we all are to lose them both. She was a wonderful mum, adored her daughter and was really an amazing person. It’s an absolute tragedy and we will miss her every day.”