Abortionist Offers Commemorative Photos After Late-Term Abortions

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Dec 22, 2015   |   2:25PM   |   Washington, DC

Curtis Boyd’s late-term abortion facility is bundling eugenics into a neat little package for families who abort their unborn babies because of fetal abnormalities.

Boyd is one of four abortion doctors who publicly offers late-term abortions in America. His New Mexico abortion facility, Southwestern Women’s Options, advertises on its website that it does abortions up to 28 weeks for any reason and even later-term abortions for fetal abnormalities. Viability is considered to be 24 weeks, though some babies have survived even earlier.

Boyd’s website refers to late-term abortions of “imperfect” babies in positive ways by calling the baby a “loved pregnancy” and offering ways for the mother to remember the baby.

According to Boyd’s website:

We recognize that patients carrying a baby with fetal abnormalities have specific and special needs and we have services geared especially for you. … Prior to the induction we discuss the patient’s wishes for saying goodbye to her baby and make a plan to accommodate her wishes. We offer a memory box containing a receiving blanket, footprints, a certificate of stillbirth and photos. Many women and their support choose to view the baby the day following induction. We can help with arrangements for burial or cremation.

What the fetal abnormalities are, Boyd’s website does not say. Apparently, it does not matter – though Boyd once claimed that late-term abortions “are always done – always – for very compelling reasons.

Fetal abnormalities could mean anything from a fatal condition such as anencephaly, to a genetic disorder such as Down syndrome, to a correctable condition such as a cleft lip. LifeNews has documented numerous stories of abortion being recommended for unborn babies diagnosed with various conditions.

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“Note that Boyd does not shy away from identifying the fetus as a ‘baby,’” pro-life writer Murray Vassar wrote. “There is no nonsense here about a ‘clump of tissue.’ Boyd freely admits he is killing a fully developed human child. According to Boyd, however, this violence is an expression of mercy.”

Boyd’s call for “mercy killing” of “imperfect” babies is a modern form of eugenics or euthanasia. As Vassar pointed out, Boyd’s late-term abortion practice is similar to the deaths that Hitler imposed on the disabled. Eugenics calls for the extermination of human beings deemed “imperfect” or unfit to live.

Boyd seems to justify his actions by offering the commemorative photos and burial services for the babies he aborted.

He once said that he “prays” for his abortion victims: “I’ll ask that the spirit of this pregnancy returns to God with love and with understanding.”