Abortion Activist: “No Uterus? No Opinion:” If You’re a Pro-Life Man, You Should Shut Up

Opinion   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Dec 22, 2015   |   9:13AM   |   Washington, DC

Ananya Saha wants pro-lifers to be quiet, especially men.

The young, Indian abortion advocate uses the typical rhetoric from the pro-abortion playbook to accuse pro-lifers of denying a woman “her right over her body.”

Writing for the youth opinion website Youth Ki Awaaz, Saha argues for the legalization of abortion across the world, especially in Ireland and India.

“In the words of Rachel, our favourite character from F.R.I.E.N.D.S, ‘no uterus, no opinion.’ If you are really pro-life, do not stop the consensual woman from exercising the rights on her body and removing the tadpole sized foetus which might not even be sentient,” she writes.

Saha targets pro-life men specifically, wrongly blaming the “patriarchy” for taking a stand for unborn babies’ lives. Saha makes outrageous claims that pro-lifers are shaming women and “causing [women’s abortion] deaths at an alarming rate.”

“And one must remember that ‘pro-life’ fanaticism did kill Savita Halappanavar in Catholic Ireland,” Saha continues.

Halappanavar’s tragic death, however, was not the result of her not having an abortion. A jury that investigated the Irish woman’s death ruled that a “medical misadventure” resulted in her death in 2012. Halappanavar died from septic shock due to an E coli infection four days after she gave birth to her baby, who also died, LifeNews previously reported.

The truth hasn’t stopped abortion advocates from publicizing false reports that Halappanavar died because she was denied an abortion. Saha uses Halappanavar’s tragic death to call for legalized abortion throughout the world.

Rather than outright blame every pro-lifer for Halappanavar’s death, Saha makes insulting claims that many pro-lifers are simply “brainwashed to the extreme degree” and never research or think about their position on abortion.

“Thus, the next time one is sharing a pro-life post on social media for the sake of it, think about the damage your half-hearted actions are doing to someone,” Saha writes.

Saha picks on men specifically but she really wants all pro-lifers to be silent about the rights of unborn babies. She seems to believe that a woman’s right to privacy and bodily autonomy are always more important that an unborn baby’s right to life.

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