She Accidentally Saw Her Ultrasound Before the Abortion: “I Saw Little Arms, Legs and a Head”

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Dec 18, 2015   |   12:24PM   |   Washington, DC

Jill was sitting on the cold metal table waiting for the abortion doctor to come in when her mind kept returning to her unborn child.

Jill told Live Action News she wasn’t sure that she wanted an abortion, but her former fiance pushed her to end the life of their unborn child. Heartbroken, the 26-year-old scheduled an appointment at Planned Parenthood.

It was a terrible experience. Jill said her counseling session consisted of just two questions and a sterile movie that hid the reality of abortion. She said women were “being shuffled from room to room by clinic staff, like cattle, really. Up to the payment desk for the privilege of paying Planned Parenthood to kill their child.” Then the abortion clinic did an ultrasound

“I accidentally saw my ultrasound when I went up to pay the Planned Parenthood cashier. I saw little arms, little legs, and a head,” Jill wrote.

After seeing her unborn child, Jill wrote that she pled with her fiance to change his mind: “This is not right. I saw the baby, on the ultrasound. We must work this out; we must leave this place.” But her former fiancé answered, “I can’t.”

Live Action News shares more of Jill’s story:

Lying there on the cold table, Jill seized the strength she had as her son’s mother to change her mind – and the course of two lives – forever. She describes what happened next, referring to herself as “the mother”:

The Mother slips off the medical table, tears off the clinic gown, and rushes to take that first urgent, unforgettable step out of the abortion clinic. She’ll be Mother and Father to this special baby boy.

Where will you go? What will you do?” six staff members call. Over my shoulder I say, “I don’t know, but this, this I know is wrong!”

From the corner of the room, a voice rises, someone whispers, “She could go…to Birthright.”

When Jill did indeed go to Birthright, the receptionist there gave her words – and a blessing of sorts – she would always remember:

The first words out of the Birthright receptionist’s mouth were, “Congratulations on becoming a mother! Congratulations on your motherhood!” After so many “that’s terrible” or “how awful” or “have an abortion and start your life over”s, it was really refreshing for someone – even one person – to say something positive about the situation I was in.

Jill said the pro-life pregnancy center encouraged her and offered the support that she and her baby were not getting from anyone else. Two pro-life ladies who were outside the abortion clinic on the day she left also encouraged her.

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“One of the ladies and I are still friends, as she is still handing out flowers and resource brochures every Saturday at Planned Parenthood at the age of 84,” Jill wrote.

Jill gave birth to her son, Nicholas Joseph, and worked hard to provide for him. She said she began her own catering company and started babysitting so that she could stay home with Nicholas.

Now, she encourages other mothers in difficult circumstances to choose life by sharing her own difficult story. She wrote:

“Think back to when you were an innocent, invincible little girl – what were your hopes and dreams? Would that strong girl ever consider killing her baby? I know you planned on growing up and meeting the man of your dreams, falling in love, getting married, having a family, but God has a different plan for you now. Your dreams have been dashed, I know, but His plan for you now is to start that family: even if it is just you and this beautiful baby, everything will be just fine.”