Vogue Tells Teens to Go to Planned Parenthood: “It Will Make a Difference in Your Lives”

National   |   Melissa Mullins   |   Dec 16, 2015   |   3:38PM   |   Washington, DC

Not long ago, I wrote a blog on the Huffington Post offering free advertising for Planned Parenthood – disguised as news and advice.  Now, it looks like Teen Vogue has taken a page from the “free advertising for Planned Parenthood” book by writing their own lengthy advertisement – I mean, “news” article. Literally, the entire piece is like a written public service announcement for Planned Parenthood.

In honor of Planned Parenthood’s National Day of Solidarity, Teen Vogue wanted to do something to show their gratitude toward the abortion giant and “how hard they work to keep all of us healthy,” by giving them a promotional article headlined “10 Girls Share How Planned Parenthood Made a Difference in Their Lives.”

Teens could read a warm and heartfelt article on stories told by 10 different women and their experiences with (heartfelt endorsements of) with Planned Parenthood:

Endorsement #1: Brittney – Planned Parenthood provides education.

Brittney was 20, and afraid she had herpes. When she found out she didn’t have an STD, she said her doctor “didn’t parse words. She told me about the risks I was taking and how to protect myself against them…With Planned Parenthood, I had the chance grow, to make better, more informed decisions, all the while knowing I could have solid and unwavering medical care if those choices were taken away from me…”

Endorsement #2: Danielle – Not supporting Planned Parenthood means you don’t support victims of rape.

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Danielle was raped at the age of 14 by four boys in the 12th grade who took photos of the incident and sent them around school. What’s even more sad is that Danielle said that no one believed her and the “system” failed her (she doesn’t explain what “system” that was – school, family, judicial, et.), but Planned Parenthood did not, “If you don’t support Planned Parenthood, you don’t support 14-year-old me. A hopeless, desperate, and sad young teen whose innocence was ripped away by four evil men.”

Endorsement #3: Jessica – Where would people go if Planned Parenthood closed?  

Jessica went to Planned Parenthood at the age of 17 to get birth control and tested for STDs. “I’m so grateful that I had access to Planned Parenthood back then, I don’t know how my story would have turned out without it. …Sadly the PPH in that town is no longer there; I’m not sure where I would have gone today if I were 17 right now.”

Endorsement #4: Jennifer – Planned Parenthood is like a “surrogate mother.”

Jennifer went to Planned Parenthood at age 19 to get tested for STD’s after a sexual assault because she didn’t feel comfortable going to her longtime primary care physician. “I was treated with a kind of empathy and respect I have never found at a doctor’s office. I’ve gone to Planned Parenthood for everything from birth control consultations to STI testing to yes, an abortion… I cannot imagine what my life would be had I not had the almost surrogate-mother feel that PPH has offered me.”

Endorsement #5: Devon – Planned Parenthood treats you like an adult – even though you’re only 14!

At the age of 14, Devon started having sex and went to Planned Parenthood to get contraception and eventually an abortion: “I was nervous because of my age, but the staff there treated me like an adult and walked me through all I needed to know, even supplying me with a goody bag of other birth control methods. Little did I know, I was too late — the weeks of using sometimes failed condoms had left me pregnant…” Devon’s mother scheduled her an abortion – a procedure she remembers “little about.”

Endorsement #6: Elena – Planned Parenthood won’t tell your parents!

Elena had unprotected sex that ended up with the guy texting her to get checked for chlamydia. Afraid her parents would find out, Elena was relieved to hear that Planned Parenthood wouldn’t contact home or her parents, and doesn’t understand the “stigma against the organization.” She found them “pleasant and most importantly, understanding,” and all she owed was $15.

Endorsement #7: Polly – Planned Parenthood saved a 29 year old woman from a 10-year-old child.

Polly had an abortion at the age of 18. “If it wasn’t for Planned Parenthood, I’d have a 10-year-old child with a man that left the $250 on a cold car seat parked in the driveway the day before the abortion… These are our bodies and it is our right to decide what we do with them, it’s our right to have a career, to have a future that is our own. For me, that would not have been possible without Planned Parenthood.”

Endorsement #8: Maggie – Planned Parenthood act as “counselors.”

Maggie went to Planned Parenthood for an abortion and had to have an ultrasound because “some politician thought this would be a good way to influence my decision.” After the ultrasound, a “counselor” discussed options of abortion, adoption, or continuing the pregnancy. Maggie was pretty dead set against the last two but listened anyway. She ended up having her baby. “I still smile remembering how much warmth and love I felt from every single Planned Parenthood employee I have ever met. I have no idea what I would have chosen had they been more judgmental or less supportive.”

Endorsement #9: Katlyn – Planned Parenthood is a “lifesaver.”

Katlyn came from a “sexually conservative family” and felt she couldn’t talk to them when she was sexually assaulted in high school.  She later went to Planned Parenthood where she received a free pap smear, UTI antibiotics, and “extreme care and anonymity through the entire process.”

Endorsement #10: Sade – Planned Parenthood is a resource for teens.

Sade had a terrible bladder infection and no insurance, but Planned Parenthood provided her with the antibiotics she needed. “They literally save women’s lives, and to think that some of our elected officials are trying to dismantle such a useful and needed resource for teen girls and women is absolutely sickening.”

Again, it seems Planned Parenthood is trying to do damage control when it comes to the recent videos of selling baby parts and their nonchalant attitudes when dealing with the unborn – and they are using the media to help them achieve this through what is basically free advertising.  And for good measure, Teen Vogue was kind enough to provide a link to make a donation to Planned Parenthood.

LifeNews Note: Melissa Mullins writes for Newsbusters, where this originally appeared.