Headed to the Abortion Clinic, Her Baby Lived When She Took a Wrong Turn and Went Here

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Dec 14, 2015   |   5:11PM   |   Washington, DC

A wrong turn on her way to the abortion clinic turned out right for Brittany Davis and her unborn child.

The Springfield Township, Ohio woman shared her story recently as part of a series about women’s abortion experiences in The Cincinnati Enquirer. Davis, who once made an appointment to abort her son, Liam, now credits him with saving her life.

“I didn’t realize that he would really save my life like that,” Davis said. “I didn’t realize beforehand that being a mom was actually going to be rewarding, even though it’s work.”

The 28-year-old was spending 10 days in jail for drunken driving when she discovered she was pregnant, according to the report. Davis told the newspaper that her baby’s father was a friend who she hung out with often; but she ended up having sex with him one night and getting pregnant.

“I kind of really didn’t want to [have an abortion],” Davis said, “but everything just seemed to be going wrong.”

Davis said didn’t have a job at the time, and she was broke. The baby’s father thought that she should have an abortion, so she scheduled an appointment at an abortion facility in Sharonville, Ohio, she said.

Davis drove herself the abortion clinic for her first appointment, but she made a wrong turn into the parking lot of the pro-life pregnancy center across the street from the abortion facility, she said. The simple mistake changed her life and saved her baby’s.

Women’s Center had a big sign out front advertising “FREE Pregnancy Tests, FREE Ultrasounds, Walk-Ins Welcome,” Davis described. After Davis walked in and talked with a pro-life counselor, she was offered a free ultrasound. Davis accepted. On the ultrasound screen, Davis said she was amazed when saw her unborn son moving around inside her womb.

“That pretty much changed everything,” Davis said. “Just to see a baby on a string and know that that baby is in my stomach living and breathing – it’s very overwhelming.”

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Things quickly began to turn around for Davis when she made the decision to keep her unborn son. Her baby’s father, Michael Stenson, soon changed his mind, too – and they started going to classes together at the Women’s Center. Davis also began applying for jobs and stopped drinking, according to the news report.

Baby Liam was born eight months ago. His dad his his favorite playmate, Davis said.

Without Liam, “I wouldn’t have a purpose yet,” Davis said. “Still would be looking for myself.”

Davis easily could have had an abortion. Her life was a mess, and her baby’s father wanted her to end their unborn son’s life, too.

Abortion clinics try to make it easy for women like Davis to choose abortion. They provide biased counseling, telling women that abortions aren’t a big deal and downplaying the risks. They hide the facts about their unborn babies and the resources available to choose life. Abortion advocates oppose laws that ensure women receive all the facts about abortion and their unborn child. They try to thwart the work of pregnancy help centers and keep away sidewalk counselors who offer women alternatives to abortion.

But Davis was fortunate. Through a simple turn into the wrong parking lot, she found the reassurance that she needed. Now Davis is experiencing unexpected joy because she chose life for her son.