She Was Raped at 13 and Had an Abortion: “I Wish I Could Turn Back the Clock” and Keep My Baby

International   |   Life Institute   |   Dec 10, 2015   |   12:24PM   |   Dublin, Ireland

A caller to the Stephen Nolan radio how this week said that she has never been able to recover from the trauma of having an abortion after being raped, and that she wishes she “could turn the clock back” and keep her child.

“When I was 13, I was raped and I conceived a baby as a result of that rape. It was all very traumatic, my parents being God-fearing Christians coerced me into having an abortion and I had to go to England for that”, she said.  “It was all brushed under the carpet and my parents just thought that we could just forget about it.

“Fast forward 37 years and I’ve realised I’m suffering from post-abortion trauma, and because I was never able to forget about the abortion, about the son that I’d lost.

“Now it wasn’t the trip to England that caused me all my strife during those years and it wasn’t the rape itself – it was the abortion that caused the trauma.

“I’d like to say to women today that they should think twice, there is life after rape.”
“I could have loved my son, I know that now. Even though he was conceived through rape I could have loved him.”

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The Belfast Telegraph reports that she added: “The most horrendous thing was the abortion. The rape I’ve been able to get over, the trip to England, not a problem.”

“I know many people through social medial all over the world who have been conceived in rape and went on to be born, they were very much loved, they are leading very fulfilled and happy lives.

“I wish I could turn the clock back and I had kept my son.”

The caller was speaking in the wake of a High Court ruling in Northern Ireland which could potentially mean that the North could be opened up to abortion in cases of rape, incest, and for babies prenatally diagnosed with severe disabilities.

The ruling stated that Northern Ireland’s current pro-life laws, which protect both mothers and babies, are in breach of human rights legislation, and said that abortion after rape was a human right.

However, the testimony of this rape survivor contradicted many of the assumptions made by the Court.

The caller to the show explained how she had been horrifically raped at the age 13 and had travelled to England for an abortion. The next day she returned to school.

It is often assumed by the media that abortion is the best- and only- option for victims of rape.  However, many survivors of rape have stated that it was the instance of the rape that was more traumatic than the subsequent pregnancy.  Additionally, many of these women saw their babies for what they are; children innocent of their father’s crimes.

Rape is terrible crime and the survivors of rape need better options than abortion- they need counselling, support, adoption services, etc.

LifeNews Note: Youth Defence is a pro-life group based in Ireland.