Abortionist Ties 911 Up for Five Minutes With Non-Emergency Call Griping About Pro-Life “Picketers”

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Dec 10, 2015   |   12:31PM   |   Detroit, MI

Perhaps it should come as no surprise that Michigan abortionist Jacob Kalo has as little regard for the lives outside his abortion clinic as he does for the ones inside it.

Carole Novielli recently called out Kalo for reportedly calling 911 and tying up the emergency line with a complaint about two older pro-life women sitting in chairs outside of his abortion facility.

During the Oct. 7 call, the 911 operator put Kalo on hold at least five times to take actual emergency calls, according to an audio file obtained by pro-lifer Lynn Mills. Listen to the call below.

Live Action News provides more details about Kalo’s non-emergency call:

“My name is Doctor Kalo. I’m the owner of 57- sorry, 6765 Orchard Lake Road. I have a clinic over there. And there is some picketers over there,” he tells the 911 operator.He then states this is the third time he has called that week.

As the 911 dispatcher restates the address, she is interrupted by a real emergency call, telling him, “One second please.”

… Kalo, who has had protesters at his facilities for years, tells the emergency dispatcher, “I don’t know if they are allowed to picket or not… but according to the bylaws and the state laws, if they want to picket–”

He is then abruptly interrupted so the 911 operator can take ANOTHER emergency call. When she returns several minutes later, she tells Kalo that the pro-lifers are allowed to protest there. But this is not good enough.

Kalo continues to take valuable time away from 911 by complaining because some of the protesters are sitting in chairs. “It’s not a picnic place,” he tells the dispatcher.

He is interrupted for a THIRD time so the 911 operator can put his petty call on hold for a real emergency call. …

Even after the 911 operator tells the abortionist that she will have an officer go by to “take a look,” Kalo persists. “Let me just tell you something. I don’t want to keep repeating–” he says before being interrupted a FOURTH time so the dispatcher can take an emergency call.

“Mr. Kalo, we’ll send an officer on over there, okay?” 911 says as they return to the phone. Kalo continues to chastise the operator …

911 tells him again that they are extremely busy and says he can hang up or be put on hold so she can take a FIFTH emergency call.

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Mills said the call continued for several more minutes. Mills also later discovered from a police report that the officer who responded to Kalo’s complaint found two older women sitting in chairs outside the abortion clinic. They volunteered to leave “to avoid any confrontation,” according to police.

Kalo has had trouble with authorities before. In 2014, the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs ordered that one of his abortion facilities be closed amid an investigation about a woman’s botched abortion. The woman suffered uterine perforation and hemorrhaging resulting in emergency hospital care—with serious physical and emotional consequences. The late-term abortion was a two-day procedure performed by Dr. Reginald Sharpe who is currently under investigation by the State of Michigan.