Woman Who Runs a Satanic Temple Blogs Every Step of How She Killed Her Baby in an Abortion

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Dec 9, 2015   |   10:33AM   |   Washington, DC

“Surreal” is how Satanist Jex Blackmore described feeling when she discovered she was pregnant while advocating for abortions.

Blackmore, who runs the Satanic Temple Detroit, recently decided to blog about her experience aborting her unborn baby in Michigan, where pro-lifers are working to pass new legislation to protect more unborn babies from abortion.

The women’s magazine Cosmopolitan recently published an article about Blackmore’s disturbing, pro-abortion musings, which she calls the Unmother Project.

“As you know over the past year The Satanic Temple has been invested in finding creative ways to challenge oppressive reproductive rights legislation,” she told the liberal website Jezebel. “As someone who has been deeply involved in the planning and implementation of these projects, it’s surreal to suddenly be on the other side of the mirror—last week I discovered that I’m pregnant.”

Blackmore began her blog “Crisis Pregnancy Michigan” 12 days before her Thanksgiving Day abortion and wrote step-by-step entries about her process of getting the abortion while uninsured, according to the magazine.

“The decision to become two people instead of one is monumental,” Blackmore wrote in the introduction to her blog. “Sometimes it’s the right time and sometimes it’s not. This is one of the times that it’s not.”

On the blog, she wrote derisively about Michigan’s 24-hour abortion waiting period, which allows women more time to find abortion alternatives and choose life for their child. The law also ensures that women have time to think about the decision, especially if they face pressure to abort from a partner or at an abortion clinic.

Blackmore also criticized Michigan for requiring that women receive all the facts about abortion before making a decision, including a description of the abortion procedure, illustrations of fetal development (“as if this was necessary,” Blackmore wrote), prenatal care and the resources available for women and their babies.

Blackmore described her chemical abortion in detail, calling it a “miscarriage” at one point. She wrote about the physical pain she experienced at home after taking the abortion drugs:

“I couldn’t sleep last night. Low, deep pains on my left side kept me awake. I’m still taking painkillers. I woke up frustrated that this is still happening. … My body aches. I have no energy. I’m sick of this. Is it manageable? Of course, but I don’t want to ‘manage’ my life. I want to live it.”

Blackmore said she wrote the blog to “fill a gaping silence” about women’s experiences before and during their abortions.



Contrary to what Blackmore wrote, many women have shared their abortion stories — though they do not fit Blackmore’s abortion agenda.

Thousands of women have shared their abortion stories through the Silent No More Awareness Campaign, which works to raise awareness about the devastation abortion brings to women and men.

One woman, Debbie, shared with Silent No More that she had an abortion when she was a freshman in college.

Her story continues:

I had the abortion because I was scared and still living at home. I wanted to stay in school and accomplish the plans I had made for myself. … I thought by having the abortion I could erase what happened and go on with my schooling, career and marriage plans with no consequences for my choice. After all it was never presented to me as a baby, only a blob of cells.

What happened to me that next week was something I buried deep inside me for the next 33 years…. I was terrified as the Dr. put his hands and instruments inside me. Tears rolled down my face, as he scraped my baby from me and sucked it out into that jar I had seen. I felt like I had looked into the face of evil. As I lay there helpless, I felt like I had just experienced the worst form of sexual assault I could possibly imagine, with the private parts of my body grossly violated. I went out the back door where I found my dad waiting in the car. We drove back home in silence and we never spoke about it again.  I realized that day I would forever have to be silent and to cry alone over my abortion.

Debbie wrote that she found healing and forgiveness three decades after her abortion. She wrote: “The most unnatural thing for a woman to do is kill her own baby by abortion. We must also reach out to women who are hurting from abortion and let them know they don’t have to suffer in silence.”