British Pregnancy Advisory Service Put Women’s Health at Risk by Not Following Safety Protocols

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Dec 9, 2015   |   1:13PM   |   London, England

A British abortion clinic has been putting women’s health at risk by not following hospital transfer protocols, according to a new investigation.

Inspectors with the British National Health Services discovered that a Twickenham abortion facility may not have been transferring patients experiencing complications to hospitals soon enough or reporting incidents of harm, according to the news website Local London.

Investigators learned from hospital staff that they were “not always involved at an early enough stage” when there was a complication at the abortion clinic, the report states. Investigators also were “not assured that [the abortion clinic] staff routinely reported all minor and non-clinical incidents which could also cause harm, according to the report.

The center, part of the British Pregnancy Advisory Services abortion chain, reportedly also used the same vial to give patients the anesthetic propofol, though the vials are intended for just one use, the report states.

Twickenham Member of Parliament Tania Mathias told the news outlet that she was extremely concerned by the report on the abortion clinic.

“I have said to [the abortion clinic] representatives at a local meeting with residents that I have misgivings about the clinic’s site in a residential street, not close to a major accident and emergency unit,” Mathias said.

According to the report, the inspectors also told the abortion clinic to:

  • Review safeguarding policies regularly to ensure they reflect all up-to-date guidance, including on the sexual exploitation of children and young people and risks of female genital mutilation.
  • Review the policy on disposal of pregnancy remains following pregnancy loss or termination.
  • Ensure all incidents, including those with a potential to cause harm to women or staff, even when no harm occurred, are reported and staff receive prompt feedback to reduce the risk of recurrence of incidents.
  • Ensure women who require counselling with specific expertise are referred clearly if the staff are not available at the clinic.

The report described the abortion clinic as “generally clean and well maintained” and “caring, non-judgmental and supportive to women.”

The investigators also reportedly were concerned about the pro-life sidewalk counselors outside of the abortion clinic.

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A spokesman for the abortion clinic told the news outlet: “For the small number of people opposed to women’s access to abortion, there are plenty of spaces and places to campaign to change the law. The area directly outside a clinic should not be one of them.”

The facility “offered a feedback form specifically for women to comment on the protesters if they wished,” according to the report.

Recently, the abortion chain has been pushing the UK to pass a law to create buffer zones around abortion clinics. The BPAS has been lobbying for a law to keep pro-life sidewalk counselors at least 10 meters, or 33 feet, away from abortion facilities, LifeNews previously reported.

The BPAS abortion chain also faced heavy criticism in 2013 after its chief executive defended the practice of killing unborn baby girls in sex-selection abortions.