WATCH: Powerful Pro-Life Messages From 8 Members of Congress Investigating Planned Parenthood

National   |   Julie Klose   |   Dec 8, 2015   |   4:31PM   |   Washington, DC

Now that the House and Senate have passed a bill to defund Planned Parenthood, all eyes are on President Obama. Will he bolster his pro-abortion record by vetoing this legislation supported by a majority of Americans?

Even if a presidential veto is forthcoming, it will not be the end. Congress has been ramping up its investigation into the ethics and legality of major abortion industry corporations—Planned Parenthood foremost among them—through the Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives.

Planned Parenthood protest
Nearly 100,000 Americans protested at Planned Parenthood clinics nationwide this summer (Photo via

“We are charged with gathering information and conducting fact-finding to get answers,” stated Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tennessee), who recently named pro-life stalwart March Bell as Staff Director of this select committee.

Blackburn leads the invetigative panel of pro-life members—four women and four men—joined by six pro-choice members of Congress. “We will follow the law, find the facts and focus on where those facts take us in defense of life,” she concludes.

Formed after the release of the Center for Medical Progress undercover videos, now the panel’s eight pro-life members speak up for the sanctity of every life in brief video messages.

Rep. Marsha Blackburn Upholds Medical Ethics in a Culture of Convenience

Mother of two and grandmother of two, Rep. Marsha Blackburn has strong support in her home state of Tennessee—and in Washington has been known for her effective role on several committees, notably related to ensuring quality health care for those in need.

“Science shows us these are not blobs of tissue; they are babies,” Blackburn said of pre-born lives in a recent House floor speech.

Rep. Andy Harris, M.D. from Maryland Speaks Up for Life

Lending his medical expertise to the investigation, Dr. Andy Harris (R-Maryland) makes it clear that the practices seen in the abortion industry aren’t up to clinical standards.

“I gave anesesthia to women giving childbirth,” he says before presenting his concerns. “Planned Parenthood is for profit, not for women. The war on women is happening in Planned Parenthood clinics every day.”

Rep. Mia Love Finds a Way to the Heart of the Issue

The first black Republican woman in Congress, Rep. Mia Love (R-Utah) frequently frames the abortion debate in terms of Americans’ guaranteed rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

A mother of three, Love spoke out recently saying: “This is not about a Right or Left issue. This is right or wrong—and whether we are going to stand up for those who cannot speak for themselves.”

Reality TV Star Rep. Sean Duffy Spotlights Reality of Abortion Industry

Formerly a contestant on MTV’s The Real World, now Rep. Sean Duffy (R-Wisconsin) and his wife Rachel raise seven children in their home state of Wisconsin.

“How could anyone defend the practices of Planned Parenthood: harvesting body parts?” Duffy asks pointedly. “This isn’t about babies, this is about money.”

Former Nurse Rep. Diane Black Knows a Critical Issue When She Sees It

With over 40 years experience as a nurse, Rep. Diane Black (R-Tennessee) knows what appropriate quality care looks like; evidently Planned Parenthood isn’t it.

Black underlines her convictions in a recent speech, saying, “We face many challenges in Washington today but nothing—nothing—can be more important than how we treat an innocent human life.”

Rep. Joe Pitts, Steadfast Statesman of the Pro-Life Movement

Recently announcing his retirement following the current term, Rep. Joe Pitts (R-Pennsylvania) will conclude two noteworthy decades in Congress by offering his legislative expertise to this select panel.

Pitts, chairman of Congressional efforts on health care and human rights, has invested his career in saving lives through better public policies. He brings this passion to the defense of pre-born babies, saying on the House floor: “If state taxpayers do not want to include abortion providers in their Medicaid program, they should not be forced to include them.”

Rep. Vicky Hartzler Provides Leadership, Speaks Out Early and Often

As one who grew up on a farm and still lives with her family on one, Rep. Vicky Hartzler (R-Missouri) stays connected to what ordinary citizens are thinking.

And on this issue of Planned Parenthood, she’s one of the first to urgently call for taxpayers to stop funding the abortion giant: “This is human life we are talking about. We cannot stand by while aborted baby parts are being sold for profit.”

Heart Surgeon Rep. Larry Bucshon Operates Out of Compassion

“I’m probably the only member of this body to have operated on babies as young as 23 weeks gestation,” opened Rep. Larry Bucshon (R-Indiana), who performed hundreds of heart surgeries before his tenure in Congress.

“I’ve spent my career caring for patients regardless of their situation, so I take access to health care very seriously,” said Dr. Bucshon, echoing the panel’s other medical professionals. “A radical agenda is protecting an organization that dismembers body parts and sells them for profit.”

Bringing together leaders with diverse knowledge, the Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives led by Rep. Marsha Blackburn will build on the hearings already conducted when it begins public meetings in the new year.

Opposition to uncovering the truth may emerge on the select panel. Media reports indicate that, collectively, the panel’s six pro-choice members have received over $80,000 in campaign donations from Planned Parenthood affiliates.

LifeNews Note: Passionate about the issue of life, Julie Klose is a freelance writer and blogger at The Velvet Brick, BarbWire, and Bound4LIFE International, where this article originally appeared.