Planned Parenthood Botches Abortion, Puts Sheet Over Woman’s Head as She Enters Ambulance

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Dec 8, 2015   |   7:28PM   |   Columbus, OH

Did a Planned Parenthood abortion business in Columbus, Ohio recently kill a woman in a botched abortion? There’s little way of knowing the condition of a woman who had an abortion at the nation’s biggest abortion business — and the fact that staff at the abortion center placed a sheet over her head as she was wheeled out to an awaiting ambulance is a concerning sign.

The Ohio-based pro-life group Created Equal informed LifeNews of the botched abortion and it posted disturbing footage of one woman’s tragic experience inside Planned Parenthood.

“As the video shows, one woman recently walked into Planned Parenthood in Columbus for an abortion and was wheeled out with a sheet over her head. Members of Created Equal’s Sidewalk Ministry were on the ground when the medic team rushed the patient away from the abortion giant’s office,” the group told LifeNews.

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The clip includes a recording of the 911 call made inside Planned Parenthood while the patient was bleeding. “This is Tracy. I’m one of the nurses calling from Planned Parenthood. We have a patient who is . . . having a [sic] elective D& E . . .” the woman on the line tells the 911 operator.

The 911 operator later summarizes the situation to a medic dispatch: “[Planned Parenthood] said that they had a girl there, bleeding and had low blood pressure.” The medics soon arrived to rush her away by EMS.

Mark Harrington, National Director of Created Equal, told LifeNews that Planned Parenthood ought to be worried about the violence that takes place against women and unborn children in its clinics.

“Yes, Planned Parenthood, we will investigate clinic violence! We will investigate your daily decapitation, dismembering, and disemboweling of little boys and girls. We will investigate your botched abortions leading to sterility and even death of adult women. Abortion is never safe for the babies you kill. And it is dangerous for mothers, too,” he said.

The video appears below: