Mom Charged With Trying to Buy Baby for Her 14-Year-Old Daughter on Craigslist

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Dec 8, 2015   |   6:08PM   |   Atlanta, GA

An Atlanta, Georgia mother is in jail after she tried to buy a baby for her 14-year-old daughter on a classified ads website.

Forsyth County police said the woman, Elaine Williams, posted an ad on Craigslist seeking to purchase a baby and promising mothers they could drop off any unwanted babies in a “baby box” if they wanted to remain anonymous, according to Reuters.

Several people offered to sell their baby to Williams before police discovered the ad, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Police said they found the notice after receiving a tip from someone who saw it online. Authorities continue to investigate.

Williams, 47, was arrested Friday and charged with “unlawful advertisement and inducement for adoption of children,” according to Deputy Epifanio Rodriguez of the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Department. She is in jail on a $5,610 bond, the reports state.

Her unnamed teen daughter also was charged in juvenile court, and she is in the custody of a relative, according to Reuters.

Williams told police that her 14-year-old daughter wanted a baby and would get one with or without her help, so she decided to help her get one, according to the news reports.

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The report does not provide any more details about the family’s motives; however, the fact that they thought it would be ok to buy a baby is disturbing. Even more disturbing are the responses they received from families willing to sell their babies.

A similar situation occurred earlier this year when another mother in Georgia posted an ad on Craigslist offering to sell her baby for money or drugs.

Pro-life groups often argue that the legalization of abortion and, in some states, assisted suicide have led our society down a dangerous slope where every human life is jeopardized and their value is judged in terms of dollars and cents.

For example, an unborn baby is aborted at an average cost of $500. His/her mother often is told that an abortion will help her escape poverty. Cancer patients have been denied their expensive treatments but offered the cheaper option of doctor-prescribed suicide instead.

These telling situations show how far our nation has slipped in devaluing human life. The pro-life movement is working hard to end this deadly mentality and educate our culture about the intrinsic value of every human life.