Liberal Activist Michael Moore Gives Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz $5000 Via United Way

National   |   Steven Ertelt, Gayle Irwin   |   Dec 7, 2015   |   4:11PM   |   Washington, DC

Liberal activist and “filmmaker” Michael Moore has sent $5,000 to the Planned Parenthood abortion business. The abortion giant, on Friday, lost a key Senate vote over its federal taxpayer funding.

The donation from Moore comes after a local pro-life businessman in Michigan cut off donations to the United Way because that agency provides funding for Planned Parenthood. From a local news report:

Filmmaker and local resident Michael Moore is writing a $5,000 personal check to the United Way of Northwest Michigan and designating 100 percent of the funds to Planned Parenthood of Northwest Michigan. Moore tells The Ticker the donation covers the amount the United Way is losing after the Bill Marsh Automotive Group announced it was cutting ties with the organization due to its support of the local Planned Parenthood office.

Moore posted a video on his Facebook page in recognition of Planned Parenthood’s National Day of Solidarity this past Saturday discussing the action by the automotive group and his plan to offset the impact. Moore has also invited the local United Way to talk to his employees about donating through a workplace giving campaign and placed #StandwithPP collection canisters at both The State Theatre and the Bijou.

Bill Marsh Jr. says he expected to get a lot of feedback from the announcement – and the Facebook comments, both for and against, have poured in.

“My family will happily buy our next and any future automobiles from you,” wrote one commenter. “Your many contributions to charities, families and individuals in this community have not gone unnoticed.”

“Way to go!” wrote another. “The people that are upset still have the freedom to donate their money anywhere. It’s a shame they feel they have a say in where you donate yours.”

“We don’t normally get involved in politics. We don’t try to throw our weight around with legislative issues. It was a bit of departure for us.”

Those are the words of Bill Marsh Jr., partner in his long-standing family business, Bill Marsh Auto Group, in Traverse City, Mich.

Bill Jr. and his brothers have taken a detour of sorts in recent days, opting out of the United Way of Northwest Michigan’s workplace contribution program after discovering that the agency provided funds for Planned Parenthood.

The decision to cut ties with United Way wasn’t made lightly, Marsh said.

“They leverage generosity in people,” Marsh said. “A lot of people might not donate otherwise (and) we knew a lot of people from United Way. Our company has a long-standing history with the United Way.”



Marsh researched United Way’s funding of Planned Parenthood in the wake of this summer’s release of videos by the Center for Medical Progress exposing Planned Parenthood’s practices of selling baby body parts.

When an employee approached Marsh, saying he wanted to pull his contribution from the local United Way, Marsh decided it was time to take a fresh look at his company’s support of the agency. A representative from the United Way had contacted him to set up a meeting, and Marsh used the opportunity to state his position.

“Toward the end of the conversation I shared with him the concern I had about the United Way’s support for Planned Parenthood, especially in light of what had taken place,” Marsh said.