Hillary Clinton Likens Pro-Lifers to Terrorists, Condemns “American Assault on Planned Parenthood”

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Dec 7, 2015   |   11:49AM   |   Washington, DC

In a weekend interview, pro-abortion presidential candidate Hillary Clinton appeared to put pro-life people on the same level as the terrorists behind the shooting in San Bernadino, California.

In an interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos,Clinton appeared to liken pro-life people to terrorists — talking about the “terrorist” attack in California and, in the same breath, condemning pro-life advocates for their “assault on Planned Parenthood.”

While Clinton correctly identifies the California shooting as a “terrorist attack,” Clinton makes it appear that pro-life people were behind the shooting in Colorado Springs at a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic there: calling it an “an American assault on Planned Parenthood” as if more people than just a lone deranged shooter not affiliated with the pro-life movement were responsible.

Here’s the transcript and video of Clinton’s comments:

Stephanopoulos: “As you know, some of the Republicans rivals have criticized you for focusing on gun control after the San Bernardino attacks. California has some of the strictest gun control laws here, it didn’t stop those attacks, either.”

Clinton: “What happened in San Bernardino was a terrorist attack…. No one is arguing with that. Let’s not forget, a week before, we had an American assault on Planned Parenthood and some weeks before that, we had an assault at a community college.

So, I don’t see these two as any way contradictory. We have to up our game against terrorists abroad and at home. we have to take account of the fact that our gun laws and the easy access to those guns by people who shouldn’t get them, mentally ill people, fugitives and Congress refusing to prohibit people on the no-fly list from getting guns. These are two parts of the same approach that I’m taking to make us safe. yes, the NRA’s position always is, you know, if you can’t stop everything why try to stop anything. we have laws that are going to govern our speed limits on roads knowing that some people are going to violate it we still have laws. we need to have comprehensive background checks. close the gun sale loon hole and end the liability for gun seller and the critics of that vote, you look back at this list, they go back ten years, 2,000 people on the watch list did buy guns.”

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