Doctors Told Me to Abort My Baby Because She Was “Incompatible With Life,” She’s 7 Now

Opinion   |   Jesi Smith   |   Dec 4, 2015   |   12:25PM   |   Washington, DC

Disabled babies in the womb have been judged and declared “doomed” by Justice Mark Horner of the Belfast High Court. (See Washington Post) The disabled cannot catch a break — they are being sought out for destruction once again, but this time by the court system in Northern Ireland.

The Belfast High Court ruled on November 30, 2015 that children who have “fatal fetal abnormalities” can be legally aborted. “There is no life to protect,” Justice Horner ruled and “when the [fetus] leaves the womb, it cannot survive independently,” (Hmm… exactly what kind of baby can survive independently when it leaves the womb and who needs an abortion if there is no life there?!)  Every baby, and small child for that matter, are dependent on their parent’s care – for years to come.

Logically, shouldn’t we all be asking, “If the child’s condition is ‘fatal’ why do we need the medical community to hasten their death?” Furthermore, if the abortion restrictions are a “breach of human rights” for the mother as stated by Justice Horner — wouldn’t the literal death and dismemberment of the non-consenting child in the womb also qualify as a “breach of human rights?” Amnesty International stated they were “delighted” with the decision to target the vulnerable disabled children for death and the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission considered their decision to be “historic”.  (Historic in the infamous sense.)

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Along with many other courts around the world, the Belfast High Court has perverted the sacred right of a woman’s self-governance and misapplied it to the body and soul of another human being. Even if the other human being is that woman’s disabled and unwanted baby — that child should never be treated as an object that can be thrown away, abused, or mistreated with perfect impunity. An unarmed child is victimized and assaulted in their most vulnerable state and the court mercilessly sided with the perpetrator. Killing for the ‘good’ of their victims does not make it any less sinister or tragic.

I have a daughter, who is almost seven years old now, she was found to have “fatal fetal abnormalities” in the womb. Doctors told me to abort her; that her abnormalities were incompatible with life; and that they would not treat her because she would not live. One doctor even said if  they ‘prolonged her life’ that she did not have a life worth living.

They were all WRONG.

Doctors are not perfect in their guesses or application of medical knowledge…that is why it is called a practice. The dire prediction of my daughter’s death was not a logical medical certainty, nor should it have been presented as one in the rapidly changing field of medicine.

How many other mothers have they robbed of hope and a precious child with their doomsday predictions of “fatal fetal abnormalities?”  I have met several mothers who have lost or aborted a child like my daughter and have seen the heart wrenching intensity of their grief and rage as they realize their child might have lived with medical attention. Let’s not fool ourselves, medical personnel who would rather wipe out their disabled patients than see them born in the first place are neither equipped nor willing to help that same child even when their parents want their baby.

My daughter is a happy, loving, sweet, grateful little girl who loves her life. Am I the only one terrified that the global medical community (who we pay to deliver help and healing) has added to their routine care terminating its disabled patients? If I cannot trust the medical community to value the life of my disabled baby or to innovate in medicine and treatment, where do I go?

What does abortion do to the field of medicine? Does the termination of their most fragile patients increase medical knowledge, compassion, and care for humanity? Or, is it ignorantly digging a pit that we will all fall in? The truth is that when the fragile and sick among us are treated all of humanity reaps better treatment. The obvious result is that the doctors who care for the disabled and medically challenged children become more experienced in treating all their patients. Physicians who innovate, develop new standards of care, and increase their knowledge in their practice while treating the most fragile are the ones who have figured out how to cure and manage other fatal problems — from rabies to cancer. Wisdom and good medical decision making skills come from repetitive experiences of practicing medicine with compassion.

It is the people who are the most precious asset in any country. Targeting the disabled baby because these children are deemed to be ‘beings of lesser worth’ or burdensome citizens is an insolent and contemptuous belittling of the precious life of another human being. God help the people of integrity in Northern Ireland to refuse to betray their most vulnerable citizens. True love from a judge, mother, neighbor, or doctor does no harm to any baby.

Europe paid an enormous price less than a century ago, with blood, sweat, and tears, to rid itself of the grotesque idea that medical science could produce its own master race. Will they so soon forget and fall prey to the defeated and evil ideas that they should only breed a more gifted and wanted race? The idea that we should heal someone by killing them is a frightening path for any state to sanction and any medical practice to follow. Death is not a medical cure for the handicapped or unwanted child. The Belfast High Court’s ruling that disabled and unwanted children can be singled out for legal destruction is way, way beyond the bounds of human decency.

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