Pregnant Chinese Pro-Life Activist Facing Pressure to Abort Her Second Child Now Safe in the U.S.

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Dec 3, 2015   |   12:23PM   |   Washington, DC

Chinese pro-life activist Sarah Huang has helped more than 100 women save their babies from being aborted under China’s cruel one-child policy.

But this fall, Huang (not her real name) found herself in the same situation that she had helped so many other families out of – being pressured to abort her unborn child.

World Magazine reports that when Huang discovered she was pregnant with her second child, her friends and family tried to convince her to have an abortion. Huang told the magazine that her family also could face a fine of $35,000 and her husband could lose his job because of their second baby.

The report continues:

Over the phone, she expressed to [World News reporter June Cheng] her fear she would face the same fate as women she’s helped in the past—that she’d be ratted out, officials would drag her to a clinic, strap her to a metal table, and forcibly abort her baby. While forced abortions are officially illegal in China, they still occur in rural areas. But Huang knew the baby had been given to her by God.



Even the recent change from a one-child policy to a two-child policy wouldn’t help Huang’s situation. She got pregnant before the announced change and the implementation of the new law will take place gradually throughout the country. Her options dwindled to getting a divorce, raising a child without hukou—China’s household registration—or traveling to the United States to give birth.

While weighing their options, the Huangs applied for travel visas and hid in a safe house, where Huang continued trying to help other women even as she faced danger herself. One night she called [China Life Alliance founder Matthew] Li saying police officers with dogs were at her door, and she refused to let them in. At that point, Li knew they had to get her out of the country.

The day before Thanksgiving, she did. Huang, her husband and their 5-year-old son arrived in Texas for a six-month stay. China Life Alliance and China Aid provided plane tickets and places for the family to stay in the U.S. while they wait for the baby to be born, according to the report.

“We made it out,” Huang told Li when they arrived in the U.S. “As soon as the wheels were up in Beijing, I knew my baby was safe.”

The Huangs still fear returning home and facing backlash in China because of their second child, the report states. They also don’t know how they will pay for their stay in the U.S. or the baby’s birth.

While in the U.S., Sarah Huang plans to testify anonymously before a U.S. Congressional commission about the egregious human rights abuses that are happening in China, according to the magazine.

Although the Asian nation recently began moving to a two-child policy for everyone in China, a top human rights activist recently told LifeNews that the massive abuses such as forced abortions will continue.

Reggie Littlejohn, of Women’s Rights without Frontiers, said the move to a two-child limit “comes as no surprise, given the demographic disaster China now faces as a result of its One Child Policy.

“However, instituting a two-child policy will not end forced abortion, gendercide or family planning regulations in China.  Couples will still have to have a birth permit for the first and the second child, or they may be subject to forced abortion,” Littlejohn said. “The core of the One Child Policy is not whether the number of children the government allows.  It’s the fact that the government is setting a limit on children, and enforcing this limit coercively.  That will not change under a two-child policy.  The One Child Policy does not need to be modified. It needs to be abolished.”

“Women will still be forcibly aborted under a universal 2-child policy. We need to keep up the pressure until China abandons all coercive population control,” Littlejohn added.

LifeNews has reported many stories of women in China who were forced to abort their unborn babies. Ma Jian, a Chinese author, describes what happened to one Chinese woman with an unauthorized pregnancy:

“For two days she writhed on the table, her hands and feet still bound with rope, waiting for her body to eject her murdered baby. In the final stage of labor, a male doctor yanked her dead fetus out by the foot, then dropped it into a garbage can. She had no money for a cab. She had to hobble home, blood dripping down her legs and staining her white sandals red.”

As she points out, this is why China has the highest rate of female suicide in the world.

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