Wendy Davis on Planned Parenthood Shooting: Republicans are “Fueling This Kind of Behavior”

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Dec 2, 2015   |   10:41AM   |   Washington, DC

Former Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis joined abortion advocates in blaming pro-lifers and Republicans for spurring on a tragic shooting that occurred Friday outside of a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood abortion facility.

During an interview Monday with MSNBC, Davis accused Republicans of using hateful language and “fueling this kind of behavior.” The attack claimed the lives of three people and injured nine more. While abortion advocates are rushing to place the blame on pro-lifers, the motives of the lone gunman remain unclear.

“You know, there are a lot of questions that still need to be answered about who this person truly is, and what his state of mind at the time was, but we do know that when he was taken into custody, he talked about dead baby parts,” Davis said, according to The Washington Times. “This is part of a political rhetoric, a very dangerous political rhetoric, that we’ve been hearing from most candidates on the Republican presidential primary side, and I think it is fueling this kind of behavior that we saw in this individual last week.”

Davis gained national attention in 2013 when she filibustered a set of pro-life bills in Texas and since then has been a vocal advocate of Planned Parenthood and abortion. In the new interview, she blamed Republicans presidential candidates specifically for criticizing Planned Parenthood after undercover videos by the Center for Medical Progress showed the abortion giant’s employees haggling over the prices of aborted babies’ body parts.

“The understanding on the part of those candidates is that they are appealing to a particular type of voter, who is going to respond to that rhetoric and hopefully come their way when it comes time to vote,” Davis said. “But the consequence of using language like that, can be very dangerous. It is fine to disagree on this issue. Of course, abortion is a constitutionally protected right in this country, but I respect people who have a differing opinion on it. We have to be careful about the language that’s used when we discuss it.”

On Monday, alleged shooter Robert Lewis Dear appeared frazzled in his first court hearing following his arrest. Dear, 57-years-old and residing in Colorado and North Carolina, was arrested at the scene in connection with the violent shooting.

Dear reportedly mentioned “baby body parts” when arrested at the scene of the crime, but he  has no connections with the pro-life movement and those who know him best say he was never interested in the issue of abortion.

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As LifeNews has reported, the picture neighbors are painting of Robert Lewis Dear, who allegedly shot over a dozen people outside a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic on Friday, is one of a “rambling and incoherent” loner who never talked about abortion.

Dear appears to have no association with the pro-life movement and those who know him say he is an awkward man who never discussed religion or abortion. The profile they paint is far from a caricature of a pro-life activist who has an issue with the Planned Parenthood abortion business and more of a loner or renegade who may have mental health issue and, at a minimum, is a bit “off.”

Since the shooting, a massive debate has ensued over any bearing it may have on the abortion debate.

Less than 24 hours after the shooting, the CEO of the abortion company, Cecile Richards, issued a fundraising email essentially blaming pro-life people for the shooting, saying the “feed domestic terrorism.”

Planned Parenthood officials have confirmed none of the people killed or injured were Planned Parenthood abortion clinic staff or patients, and authorities have released no motive for the shooter as to whether he actually targeted Planned Parenthood. And, according to the Associated Press, all of the shooting took place outside of the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic, not in it.