Planned Parenthood Fundraises Off Colorado Shooting, Says Pro-Lifers “Feed Domestic Terrorism”

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Nov 28, 2015   |   4:44PM   |   Washington, DC

Less than 24 hours after a lone gunman shot a dozen people outside a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood clinic, the CEO of the abortion company issued a fundraising email essentially blaming pro-life people for the shooting, saying the “feed domestic terrorism.”

As reported, alleged suspect Robert Lewis Dear shot multiple police officers and holed himself up in a Planned Parenthood abortion business in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The police officer killed during Friday’s shooting at a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood is a pro-life and a co-pastor at his local church.

Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood officials have confirmed none of the three people killed in the shooting or the 9 victims who were injured were Planned Parenthood abortion clinic staff or patients. And local police officials continue to say they have no motive for the attack and they caution against speculation of a motive until more facts are gathered in the case.

Although multiple news reports profile the alleged shooter as a “rambling and incoherent” loner who never talked about abortion, Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards issued a fundraising email today attacking pro-lifers and essentially saying the pro-life movement is responsible for Dear’s actions.

“It’s still too soon to know what exactly motivated this attack,” Richards admits, but she then goes on to lambaste pro-lifers. “We share the concerns of many Americans that extremists are creating a poisonous environment that feeds domestic terrorism in this country.”

Richards promises that Planned Parenthood will continue doing abortions.

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“I want every Planned Parenthood patient to know: your safety is our top priority. Planned Parenthood health centers have extensive security measures in place, work closely with law enforcement agencies, and have a very strong safety record,” Richards said.

“Planned Parenthood health centers opened their doors again today, in Colorado and across the country. As always, patients were welcomed by extraordinary doctors, nurses, and staff. We will never, ever back away from providing safe, reliable care to the millions of patients who are counting on us to be there. These doors stay open, no matter what,” she continued.

Despite accusing pro-life people of “creating a poisonous environment that feeds domestic terrorism,” the alleged shooter, Dear, appears to have no association with the pro-life movement and those who know him say he is an awkward man who never discussed religion or abortion. The profile they paint is far from a characterful of a pro-life activist who has an issue with the Planned Parenthood abortion business and more of a loner or renegade who may have mental health issue and, at a minimum, is a bit “off.”