Ben Carson: They Say Abortion is About Women’s Rights, “But What About the Baby?”

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Nov 25, 2015   |   4:26PM   |   Washington, DC

Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson continued to vocally defend unborn babies’ rights on the campaign trail this week.

Carson blamed “peer pressure” for American’s acceptance of abortion as a “woman’s right,” during a speech at the First Choice Pregnancy Center banquet in Las Vegas, according to Raw Story.

“Someone has tried to make this into an issue of women’s rights,” the former neurosurgeon told the pro-life crowd Monday. “What about the baby? You know, it’s one of the most sacred relationships in the universe, a mother and that child inside of her.

“How have we become so distorted that we have managed to convince women that that baby inside of her is her enemy and that she has a right to kill it,” Carson said. (A side note: Interestingly, when Raw Story, a liberal news outlet, reported Carson’s comments, it removed the phrase “to kill it” from his quote and did not include ellipses to indicate that Carson’s comment continued.)

Carson told the crowd that at one time in his life he also had given into the peer pressure of “the culture of death” and believed abortion was a choice: “I personally wouldn’t agree with it but anyone else can do what they want. I mean, why would I interfere with someone else’s choice?”

Carson said the tragedy of abortion finally hit him when he realized how alike it was to slavery and the dehumanization of African Americans.

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“I was thinking about slavery and I was thinking about the abolitionists, and I said, what if the abolitionists had said, ‘I don’t believe in slavery but anybody else can do whatever they want’?” Carson declared. “Where would we be today?”

“Slavery is a moral issue and so is abortion,” Carson said. “It’s a moral issue that we’re dealing with.”

Carson has made his strong pro-life stance clear on the campaign trail. However, he faced criticism from pro-lifers recently after commenting about Terri Schiavo and legislation Congress passed to help Schiavo’s family try to save her life, LifeNews previously reported.