Abortionist Talks About Her Job Killing Babies for a Living: “I Have No Regrets, It’s Rewarding”

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Nov 25, 2015   |   12:06PM   |   Washington, DC

Chicago abortion practitioner Cheryl Chastine believes women need abortions, and that’s why the young doctor decided to begin doing them after medical school.

The student group Medical Students for Choice told Chastine that one in three women will have an abortion in her lifetime (a statistic that has been soundly refuted), but more women are having a hard time getting them because abortion doctors are getting older and retiring, she told Rolling Stone in a recent interview.

It was then that Chastine decided to “step up” and begin doing abortions, she told the magazine. At first, Chastine said she was “bombarded” with calls from people urging her not to do abortions. Chastine called the pro-lifers who contacted her “anti-abortion domestic terrorist[s].” She said some pro-lifers protested outside of her medical office, but she “wasn’t about to let awful tactics like that work.”

“I have no regrets about my path,” Chastine said in the magazine interview. “This is even more important, and more rewarding, than I’d thought it could be.”

“Every day I go to work, I can make it possible for someone to leave an abusive relationship, care for their children, continue their education, deal with an illness. Every day, my patients hug me and thank me and tell me I’ve helped them get their life back.”

Chastine is a traveling abortionist, though the magazine does not mention where she does abortions. She said she travels to communities where abortion doctors have retired and not been replaced or have been “forced out of doing work.” According to Operation Rescue, Chastine does abortions in Oklahoma and Kansas where infamous late-term abortionist George Tiller once practiced, LifeNews previously reported.

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In April, LifeNews reported a story about how Chastine’s Kansas abortion clinic treats women who she says “need” her help. A few minutes after Mark Gietzen, director of the Kansas Coalition for Life, noticed Chastine leave the building, he saw a black woman slowly making her way across the parting lot with great effort. She appeared to be in a great deal of pain, and was barely able to stand. It was confirmed that the woman had an abortion.

“It is obvious the clinic staff just wanted her out of the office so they could go home. There’s really no other reason why she wasn’t allowed to wait for her ride in the clinic, rather than out on a street curb,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “It really is despicable.”

The liberal magazine painted Chastine as a kind, compassionate person, but failed to mention that she is making a profit by killing irreplaceable lives, the lives of unborn children.

And her claim that her abortion work is needed to solve women’s problems is simply not true, pro-life advocates say.

“When faced with an unintended or crisis pregnancy, many students feel forced to choose between continuing their education or raising their child,” Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life, wrote for LifeNews previously. “These students deserve a more supportive and life-affirming environment on their campus where services and resources are well advertised and readily available.”

Many pro-life groups are working to make sure pregnant women are not taken in by the lies that aborting their unborn child will solve their problems. Pro-life pregnancy resource centers and groups like Feminists for Life and Students for Life’s Pregnant on Campus initiative are working to provide resources for pregnant and parenting women and their babies. Their services include everything from counseling and referrals to social services, to shelter, scholarships and diapers.

These groups are responding to the true needs of women and their babies. As Feminists for Life’s motto says, “Women deserve better than abortion.”