Popular Soccer Coach Explains His Shocking Story: My Mother Almost Aborted Me

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Nov 24, 2015   |   10:38AM   |   Nairobi, Kenya

A soccer coach helping poor children in the slums of Nairobi recently opened up about how he was almost aborted.

Ricky Weir told Standard Digital news outlet in Kenya that his grandparents intervened before his mother could go through with the abortion.

He told the news outlet: “My father was a Nigerian, which is where I was born. I later moved to London before relocating to Scotland in the late 1950s. My dad met my mother while they were nursing students. My mum became pregnant ‘accidentally’ which forced them to plan an abortion.”

Weir’s father died when his mother was just three months pregnant with him, he said. His mother wanted an abortion, but her family pushed her to make an adoption plan instead, he said.

He was adopted by Scottish parents, and as an adult, he became a well-known soccer manager and coach, playing more than 1,000 competitive games in various countries across his 25-year career, according to the report.

Weir returned to Africa as an adult to for a charity soccer project to help children in the slums near where he was born, according to the report. The visit motivated him to begin a non-profit organization called Jersey 2 Africa 4 Football Foundation, which helps improve the lives of young people in Africa through soccer.



“My football heritage and passion brought me to Kenya for the first time in 2012 where I engaged with the Mukuru group and have been working in my spare time since then to help them progress,” he told the news outlet.

Because Weir’s life was spared in the womb, today he is able to make a positive impact on children’s lives in Africa.