New Movie “Grandma” Features Woman Raising Money to Abort Her Own Great-Grandchild

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Nov 24, 2015   |   2:12PM   |   Washington, DC

There’s talk of giving Lily Tomlin an Oscar for her recent role as a foul-mouthed grandmother who helps her granddaughter get an abortion in the pro-abortion film “Grandma.”

“Grandma,” which was released in August, received praise from a number of mainstream news outlets as a pro-abortion comedy. The plot follows Tomlin’s character, Elle Reid, a lesbian poet, who helps her 18-year-old granddaughter raise enough money to abort her great-grandchild.

ABC called the “funny” and “brilliant” and Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon deemed the film “great,” Katie Yoder of Newsbusters wrote for LifeNews previously.

A new interview with Tomlin indicates that some in Hollywood want her to receive an Oscar nomination for her comedic performance in the pro-abortion film.

“It is a film which director Paul Weitz wrote specifically for her, and which has already garnered rave reviews in the U.S., and talk of an Oscar nomination,” according to her interview with The Guardian.

Tomlin, however, was uncertain, saying, “I know, I know. But I think it will blow over… because it’s a long way to the Oscars. And there’s a lot of good performances this year.”



Tomlin also told The Guardian that she is excited about the new wave of feminism and that it no longer seems like a taboo thing to admit to.

In a previous interview with Good Morning America, Tomlin said she wanted movie-goers to be entertained by the abortion film.

“I think there – there should be more – more tolerant, more accepting of just, or just feel more empathy with humanity,” Tomlin, 76, told the show.

Director Paul Weitz, speaking on the Charlie Rose show, said, “I really liked the idea that this granddaughter who’s 18 has such powerful grandmother and mother that all of the air has been sucked out of the room,” he said, “and she’s completely oblivious to women’s history and also needs to be taught by her grandmother how to stand up for herself.”

The media similarly applauded the “abortion romantic comedy” Obvious Child last year.

The abortion advocacy in “Grandma” comes in the midst of outrage over a new episode of the TV show “Scandal,” which also treated the abortion of an unborn child in a callous way. The show depicted a main character having an abortion while the tune “Silent Night” played in the background.