“The Good Wife” Tackles Planned Parenthood: Shows Abortionist Selling Baby Parts for $100

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Nov 23, 2015   |   6:23PM   |   Washington, DC

While the media erupts about the bold way ABC’s latest episode of “Scandal” promoted abortion, another popular TV show tackled the issue of Planned Parenthood selling aborted babies’ body parts on Sunday.

The newest episode of “The Good Wife” on CBS began by showing a doctor caught on hidden camera talking about receiving $100 per specimen for aborted babies’ body parts, according to Fox News.

Reminiscent of the real videos released by the Center for Medical Progress, the show depicts an abortion doctor boasting, “We know where not to grab” the baby and talking about moving the baby to a breech position. The abortion doctor, Hallie Fisher, later sues to stop the undercover videos from being released.

Main character Diane Lockhart, a pro-choice lawyer, finds herself in a position of defending the release of the undercover videos. Lockhart calls the videos “an effective piece of propaganda” but she still agrees to defend the freedom of speech for the pro-life group that recorded them, according to reports.

At one point in the show, fellow lawyer Ethan Carver reminds Lockhart, “It’s a human being.”

In the process of defending the pro-lifers, Lockhart faces criticism from a client who runs a national pro-abortion women’s group, but Lockhart sticks to defending the videos as a freedom of speech, according to TV analysis.



The abortion-theme ends when the judge in the case exposes his pro-abortion bias and refuses to recuse himself from the case. Lockhart calls out the judge’s bias and then withdraws from the case, according to the analysis.

The attention to the Planned Parenthood videos and Lockhart’s honest willingness to defend the freedom of speech for those she disagrees is somewhat refreshing after other recent episodes of the show.

Earlier in the season, the show attacked pro-lifers and promoted the pro-abortion political group Emily’s List.

In one episode, Lockhart has a cozy lunch with some of the group’s members to discuss how to raise money to elect pro-abortion candidates. Lockhart tells the group that just raising money isn’t enough, they have to raise the bar a bit. An older lawyer joins the dinner later, declaring, “I think abortion is great!” Then he asks Lockhart if they are ready to “kick some pro-lifer butt in 2016.”

Karen Townsend, of Newsbusters, writing for LifeNews, said of the earlier episode: “There was really no reason for the abortion support narrative to be brought into this show, other than to simply take a cheap shot at pro-lifers because they can.”