A Single Mom of 5 Kids Almost Aborted This Beautiful Baby. But She Found Help

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Nov 23, 2015   |   10:29AM   |   Washington, DC

The brutal reality of abortion is something our society tries so hard to avoid and ignore. It’s uncomfortable and unnerving to hear the facts about babies in the womb being torn limb from limb or crushed or burned to death.

Abortion is horrific. It tugs at our consciences. It’s why abortion advocates try so hard to hide the facts about abortion from women.

The facts about how abortion kills an unborn child are what changed one desperate single mother’s mind when she became pregnant with her sixth child.

CareNet shares her story:

Already a single mom to five kids, Irina was pregnant with her 6th child. She had just left an abusive relationship. She was living in a safe house, she had very little family support, and she wanted no ties left to the man who had fathered her child.

She thought an abortion would fix everything.

Desperate, she called Pregnancy Decision Line. Patiently, the PDL Coach listened to her story and took the time to understand Irina’s situation. She also calmly explained the abortion procedures.

As Irina listened to the terrible truth of what would happen to her unborn baby if she went through with an abortion, a wave of horror swept over her.

Choking back tears she said, “I had never thought about how terrible a thing it is to do to a baby!”

It wasn’t at all what Irina expected, and the brutal reality of abortion disturbed her. She began to talk about how God has blessed her with healthy children and she felt that she may be missing out on a blessing if she went through with the abortion.

The pregnancy hotline coach connected Irina with a local pro-life pregnancy center where she had a free ultrasound. Seeing her unborn child cemented Irina’s decision to choose life for her baby.

“Hearing about the abortion procedures from someone who wasn’t trying to sell her one was what helped change her mind,” according to CareNet. “She thanked us for the information, and was looking forward to the blessing of holding her beautiful baby soon.”

Women like Irina deserve to know all the facts about the abortion procedure, her unborn child and the potential risks to her own health. When abortion-minded women see their unborn baby on an ultrasound screen, 78 percent choose life, according to one study.

Abortion advocates try so hard to keep women from seeing their unborn babies, from learning the truth about what an abortion actually does to an unborn child – because when women are faced with the facts, abortion no longer seems like an easy fix.

Abortion becomes a repulsive thought. Their baby’s life becomes real to them. And they choose life!