Nevada State Commission Approves Pro-Life License Plates Saying “Nevada Values Life”

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Nov 20, 2015   |   1:48PM   |   Carson City, NV

A Nevada state government committee recently approved pro-life license plates that will spread the message of life and help support pregnant moms and babies.

The state Commission on Special License Plates voted 3-1 to approve the plates last week, according to a report by Nevada NPR.

A preliminary design of the plates show the photo of a baby and the words “Values Life.” Money from the sale of the new plates will be used to help pregnant and parenting moms and their children through the pro-life Women’s Resource Medical Centers of Southern Nevada, according to the report. It was unclear what the next step is before the license plates will be offered to the public.

Abortion advocates already are making a fuss about the approval, claiming the decision violates the separation of church and state.

Elisa Cafferata, president of the Nevada Advocates for Planned Parenthood Affiliates, told NPR that she sent a letter to the committee protesting the license plates. Cafferata claimed the license plates violate the state constitution.

Melissa Clement, president of Nevada Right to Life, told LifeNews in an email that she wasn’t surprised about abortion advocates’ opposition to the life-affirming license plates.

“It is no wonder that the paid shill from Planned Parenthood would find fault with such a simple and truthful message as ‘Nevada Values Life,’” Clement said. “Cafferata, like so many other abortion shills, depend on limiting women’s choices and ensuring women are not educated on the real and proven physical and mental risks caused by the abortion decision.”

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Promoting pregnancy resources like those offered at Women’s Resource of Southern Nevada hurts Planned Parenthood’s bottom line, Clement said. The pro-life centers provide free, necessary resources to women facing crisis pregnancies, including pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, parenting classes, adoption counseling, help with social services and material goods, she added.

Clement added: “I would encourage the pro-abortion lobby to create their own plates that can fund their pet projects. Oh wait. The government already does that for them to the tune of $528.4 million a year (2013-14 Planned Parenthood revenues from “Government Health Services Grants & Reimbursements, Planned Parenthood Annual Report).”

Approximately 30 states offer the pro-life license plates, according to Choose Life America, a group that advocates for the license plates. Efforts to make the pro-life plates available in 12 other states, including Nevada, are on-going, according to the group.

Some abortion advocates have challenged states offering the pro-life license plates. In June 2015, however, the Supreme Court reversed a lower court decision striking down Choose Life license plates in North Carolina, LifeNews previously reported.

Through the sales and renewals of the license plates, more than $21 million has been raised to help pregnant and parenting moms and their children in America, according to Choose Life America.

“I can’t wait to be a moving billboard for life,” Clement said.