Amnesty International Pushes Legalizing Abortion in Ireland, Ignores Irish Record Helping Women

International   |   Cora Sherlock   |   Nov 20, 2015   |   1:16PM   |   Dublin, Ireland

Ireland’s doctors will be feeling left out in the cold after reading today’s open letter published by Amnesty International.

The letter, which calls for further liberalization of Ireland’s abortion laws, makes no mention of the fact that Ireland continues to be a world leader in the area of maternal health.  Instead, by claiming that the criminalization of abortion prevents healthcare providers from delivering care to their patients, it offers a very misleading message about the current standard of care offered to pregnant women in Ireland.

By trying to depict abortion as “healthcare”, Amnesty once again ignores the reality of abortion where the life of an unborn baby is ended.  While this blinkered attitude is entirely in keeping with Amnesty’s recent incarnation as a de facto abortion lobby group, it is highly disrespectful of the Irish public, who deserve to hear the full facts surrounding this complex issue.

Ireland’s doctors are world leaders when it comes to safeguarding the lives of pregnant women.  This fact was re-stated in the most recent report on international maternal mortality, where Ireland ranks far above, for example, the United States, where abortion is widely available and where some of the signatories to Amnesty’s open letter come from. There is no mention in the letter of Ireland’s outstanding record in maternal care and this does a huge disservice to doctors in Ireland who work hard on a daily basis to maintain the country’s impressive international record.

Amnesty has no difficulty in publishing this letter and in the process, failing to give full credit to the great work carried out by doctors in Ireland.

Unfortunately, the organisation is not so forthcoming with open letters when they would be really helpful.  Just last week, a prominent newspaper in Ireland published an article, highlighting the fact that babies who survive abortion attempts are left to die alone in hospital corners, there was no open letter from Amnesty.  Why is the group putting Ireland’s doctors under the spotlight in this letter but there is no accountability demanded by abortionists who allows such horrific human rights abuses to happen?

It’s now very clear that Amnesty’s campaign to further liberalise abortion’s laws will be relentless and well-organised.  What is very regrettable is the fact that this once-great organisation, set up to defend the human rights of the vulnerable, has morphed into a group that now lobbies to remove the basic right to life from the most defenceless members of Irish society.

Luckily, there are many more in Ireland who recognise the hypocrisy of Amnesty’s position and the Pro Life Campaign is contacted every day by former Amnesty members who find themselves deeply at odds with the group’s current activities, and who want instead to dedicate themselves to a robust defence of the unborn who are being so unjustly targeted by Amnesty.