Obama Tells His Daughters to “Look Out for the Vulnerable” as He Supports Abortion

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Nov 18, 2015   |   6:26PM   |   Washington, DC

President Barack Obama showed his fatherly side recently in response to the student protests at the University of Missouri.

The president told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos that he encourages his daughters, Malia and Sasha, to stand up for injustices and protect the vulnerable. Obama said:

“We talk about this at the dinner table. And I say to them, ‘Listen, if you hear somebody using a racial epithet, if you hear somebody who’s anti-Semitic, if you see an injustice, I want you to speak out.

“I want you to be firm and clear and I want you to protect people who may not have voices themselves. I want you to be somebody who’s strong and sees themselves as somebody who’s looking out for the vulnerable.’”

After this and other statements Obama has made about protecting the vulnerable, it’s difficult to understand why the president remains blind to one of the most prevalent human rights injustices of our day – abortion.

Unborn babies are killed in abortions at a rate of more than 1 million every year in America. Even though their DNA already has determined their eye color, sex and other physical traits, these tiny human beings in the womb are denied a voice, a chance to live.

But Obama has not simply ignored how abortion destroys unborn babies’ lives. He actively has promoted abortion throughout his presidency and dismissed the question of when unborn babies’ lives should be protected as “above my pay grade.”

Obama has been called the most pro-abortion president in U.S. history. He openly opposes all pro-life measures before Congress – including protections for babies born alive in failed abortion attempts. The Obama position statement explaining the opposition to the 2015 Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act says the pro-life bill “would impose new legal requirements related to the provision of abortion services in certain circumstances, which would likely have a chilling effect, reducing access to care.”

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The Obama Administration also has a cozy relationship with abortion giant Planned Parenthood. Its CEO Cecile Richards has visited the White House dozens of times during Obama’s presidency.

And while Obama has called his own daughters “miracles,” he also has said that he wouldn’t want them to be “punished” with a baby.

“I am going to teach them first of all about values and morals. But if they make a mistake, I don’t want them punished with a baby,” Obama said in 2008.

Obama may care about defending some human rights; but it’s clear that he doesn’t believe every life is “a miracle” or deserving of protection.

Obama’s doublespeak makes it clear that he will continue to ignore the fact that abortion is a human rights injustice.