Conjoined Newborn Twins Who Shared a Heart and Liver Pass Away Three Days After Birth

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Nov 16, 2015   |   11:17AM   |  

Conjoined twins who were born in Georgia have passed away, just three days after their birth.

Brittany Crafton was the proud mother of twin boys Chance and Chandler, but the conjoined twins were joined at the chest and shared the same heart and liver. The babies were now in critical condition in an intensive care at the Children’s Hospital of Georgia in Augusta, Georgia and doctors had hoped for the best but feared the worst.

Doctors said a heart donor would have needed to be found if the babies were to be separated and survive. The boys also had a club foot and dislocated hips because of their condition.  Dr Paul Browne, section chief of Maternal-Fetal Medicine at connected hospital Georgia Regents, said the fate of the infants depended on their heart.


But, sadly, the babies passed away.

A GoFundMe Account had been launched with the hope of raising money to pay for the twins’ care. More than $4,000 had been raised by the time of their birth.

On the page, the family talked about the boys’ short lives:

Thank you all so much for All your support, love, and prayers you have shown towards Brittany and her two sweet baby boys…. We know God has a plan for our life and Chance & Chandler enjoyed this world for 3 days but God decided to take his sweet angels back to heaven today…..We are closing this campaign and the family thanks you from the bottom of their heart…. All donations will go to funeral cost for the boys… Please continue to keep them in your prayers!!!

Crafton had said she was elated at the birth of her boys and vowed to do everything possible to help them survive. She said she fell in love with them from the moment she saw the ultrasound (above) showing she had twins. She was trusting on God to provide.

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“When I got to see it on the sonogram. I was like there’s two babies, it like they’re hugging. It was very surprising, shocking, nerve-wracking, all at once,” she said before they died. “You know when you have a plan and the plan doesn’t go as you expect, but God has a plan for all of us and he has a plan for the boys so I just leave it in his hands.”