Whistleblower: Planned Parenthood Paid $3 for Birth Control But Billed Medicaid $35

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Nov 13, 2015   |   2:27PM   |   Washington, DC

The Planned Parenthood abortion company has been caught selling aborted baby body parts, but the scandal at the nation’s largest abortion business is much bigger than that. A whistleblower who formerly worked at Planned Parenthood said it has been engaged in massive fraud involving overbillng and taxpayer funds.

A little-known whistleblower lawsuit accuses Planned Parenthood clinics in Iowa of wrongly siphoning millions of American taxpayer dollars with a series of complicated billing schemes aimed at increasing profits.

Among other dishonest practices, a former manager of the clinics alleges, Planned Parenthood staffers routinely purchased birth control pills for just under $3, billed Medicaid $35 for the same package of pills, and got reimbursed for $26.

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The lawsuit, brought by Sue Thayer, a 17-year employee of Planned Parenthood in Iowa, coincides with a national scandal over undercover videos that show the organization’s officials in other states talking about the sale of body parts from aborted babies.

Here’s Thayer discussion what she saw during her time working for the abortion giant:

THAYER: “Planned Parenthood buys birth control pills for $2.98 cycle then they bill the taxpayers $35.”
HARKNESS: “You worked at Planned Parenthood for 17 years in Iowa and even managed two locations for a large portion of that time. You’re also in the middle of a lawsuit that alleges Planned Parenthood is fraudulently billing taxpayers via Medicaid for a lot of their services like birth control. Can you explain that?”
THAYER: “[indecipherable] women Medicaid women would come in. Their low income, they’re qualify for Medicaid or advertising that everything is free. They would come in with their Medicaid card and we would solicited donations from them. If they had an exam and screening for infections and maybe some medication and birth control it might be $300 or $400 and we would see a suggested donation is 50 percent. So we would be asking them for money, two or three hundred however many dollars to help pay for that, yet we would still bill Medicaid that full amount. We didn’t discount what the client had paid. Regarding birth control pills Planned Parenthood buys birth control pills for $2.98 a cycle then they bill the taxpayers $35 and they’re reimbursed around $26 a little bit over $26. And then every client is requested or required to pay the $10 donation. So I’m a foster parent I had a lot of kids and I’ve taken with different appointments and never once have I been asked to give a donation towards their dentist appointment or — Medicaid is always covered it. And I remember saying to my boss numerous times, is this right that were soliciting donations from Medicaid eligible women and he said yes that’s fine it’s, you know, it’s all legal and we should have been doing it years ago.”
HARKNESS: “So now because you’re in the middle of this lawsuit I’m sure you looked through the numbers. Do you think they add up between what they’re being reimbursed and these donations that they’re getting — do you think that they’re being honest?”
THAYER: “I know they’re not being honest I mean I saw for myself on the computer screens, you know, how the how they would bill Medicaid — they would have this program called ‘C-Mail’ or contraceptive mail where they automatically send three cycles of pills which is 84 pills, but they send them every 63 days. So there’s a 21 day overage really there’s 21 pills too many, for that 63 day period. So in a year, instead of getting 12 or 13 cycles a woman might get 15 to 16. And so if a woman had, for instance moved or refused the pills, the pills would come back in this ‘brown mailer’. We would open it and returning to inventory put a new sticker on them and sell them to the next patient that came in without ever crediting the first woman account.”
HARKNESS: “How is Planned Parenthood responded to your allegations and this lawsuit?”

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THAYER: “Well, obviously I haven’t talked to them directly. They tend to say I’m a disgruntled former employee and that is — honestly that’s not true. I — as I said, I really enjoyed my work there but I really feel like, as a taxpayer, as a mom, as a lover of life, it’s my job to try to shed light on what goes on in their —“
HARKNESS: “Having worked there for 17 years do you believe that Planned Parenthood does provide life-saving treatments and that — is — Planned Parenthood does need the taxpayer dollars?”
THAYER: “There’s nothing that happens at Planned Parenthood that can’t be obtained through a federally qualified health clinic. In Storm Lake you know, we have a place called the United Community Health Center. It’s about 4 blocks from where Planned Parenthood was and they’re on a sliding fee scale, they have a discount, they accept Medicaid and they can do a full range of services. I know that they don’t ask for donations for Medicaid eligible women.”