Democrats Block Resolution Honoring Pregnancy Centers Providing Abortion Alternatives

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Nov 10, 2015   |   1:31PM   |   Washington, DC

If you need any more proof that the Democratic Party is the party of abortion and beholden to the Planned Parenthood abortion business, look no further than the United States Senate. There, Democrats today blocked a resolution to honor pregnancy centers that provide women with abortion alternatives and help support pregnant women and facilitate adoptions.

Senator Mike Lee, a pro-life Utah Republican, sponsored the resolution today, during what is known as National Pregnancy Center Week. He requested unanimous consent from the Senate to approve Senate Resolution 37, which would designate the second week in November as “National Pregnancy Center Week.”

But leading abortion advocate Senator Patty Murray, a Washington Democrat, objected to the request calling the resolution “another effort to pander to the extreme Republican base…. They want to interfere with a women’s [sic] medical decisions.”

“If that is divisive, we have significant problems,” Lee responded during the exchange, shown in the video below.

The objection comes at around the three minute mark.

In presenting the resolution, Senator Lee said, “I am asking for my colleagues’ unanimous consent because there is absolutely nothing contentious about this resolution or the pregnancy-resource centers it commemorates.”

“There are approximately twenty-five hundred pregnancy-resource centers in America. And every single day, they serve an average of sixty-five thousand women and men faced with challenging pregnancy decisions, providing them a wide array of resources. This includes, at many centers, health-care services – like pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, and testing for STDs and STIs.”



“It includes emotional and educational support – like “options counseling” and parenting classes,” he explained. “And it includes material and logistical assistance to help new moms and dads deal with all the little things that easily add up to big obstacles in the first weeks and months of parenthood.”

He continued: “America’s pregnancy-resource centers aren’t out to make a profit or push an agenda. They’re just there to help – and to do so in a way that is compassionate, considerate of individual privacy, and respectful of the equal dignity of all human life.”

Lee said: “Madam President, any way you look at it, America’s pregnancy-resource centers deserve to be recognized with a “National Pregnancy Center Week.” But the real measure of their significance isn’t in the words of a floor speech or the outcome of a vote – it’s in the millions of lives they help save from abortion every year. The millions of teachers, soldiers, and nurses, neighbors, friends, and spouses, whose lives and contributions to our communities we might never have known had it not been for the unassuming heroes down at the local pregnancy center, giving their time to keep the lights on, answer the phones, and to help young women and men find the hope and courage to choose life.”