Whoopi Goldberg Defends Calling Carly Fiorina’s Looks “Demented:” Get Some Thick Skin

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Nov 6, 2015   |   2:27PM   |   Washington, DC

The left-wing pro-abortion hosts on The View have no apologies for making fun of pro-life Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina’s looks.

Talking about Fiorina’s appearance on the last Republican presidential debate last week, The View panelist Michelle Collins said Fiorina’s face looked “demented” and pro-abortion host Joy Behar said Fiorina looked like a “Halloween mask.”

Whoopi Goldberg had some harsh words for Fiorina during her appearance on the show today: She said the pro-lifer should get some thick skin and had no apology for the derisive comments her colleagues made.

The video of Fiorina’s prancer is below…

As The Hill reported:

“I saw that you were a little upset with us about a comic comment that was made,” co-host Whoopi Goldberg told Fiorina, who appeared on the show from Concord, N.H.

“How will you get a thicker skin to accept some of the humorous things that will be said about you?” Goldberg asked.

Fiorina invoked the comments from two other co-hosts, Michelle Collins and Joy Behar, who said she looked “demented” in the last debate and could be a Halloween mask.

“Hey, if you meant your comment about my face being ‘demented’ and a Halloween mask as humorous, so be it,” Fiorina responded Friday.

“I guess you misinterpreted Donald Trump’s comments about my face and thought those weren’t humorous,” Fiorina said. “You sort of took him to task.”

Behar interjected that she defended Fiorina against Trump’s earlier “nasty” remark about her looks.



“But we are comedians here,” Behar continued. “I make fun of Hillary’s pantsuits, and Hillary’s husband’s sex life, John Boehner’s tan, Ben Carson.

“I don’t understand why any politician is exempt from my comedic jokes,” Behar added.

“You know what, Joy, you can say whatever you want. You always have, you always will,” Fiorina responded, adding she has “skin plenty thick enough” for barbs from anyone.

One thing is for sure. Joy Behar is indeed a comedian and her views on politics or abortion are not to be taken seriously.