This Catholic College Hosted a Massive Display for the Planned Parenthood Abortion Business

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Nov 4, 2015   |   7:33PM   |   Washington, DC

Planned Parenthood’s aggressive targeting of college students is no secret. But it is still disturbing when the abortion business manages to push its way onto traditionally pro-life college campuses.

Last week, Saint Mary’s College, a Catholic school in Notre Dame, Indiana, hosted a large pro-Planned Parenthood display on campus.

According to the Church Militant, Students for Life had organized a pro-life display exposing Planned Parenthood’s deceptive abortion practices on Oct. 15 at Saint Mary’s; and in response, the college Feminists United Student Group set up a counter-display on Oct. 29.

The pro-Planned Parenthood display involved 1,852 planted in the ground to “represent the non-abortion-related services offered by Planned Parenthood,” according to the article.

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Religious studies professor Stacy Davis criticized the pro-life display, saying, “[The Planned Parenthood Project] focused exclusively on abortion, one service that Planned Parenthood provides. Feminists United wanted to present information about Planned Parenthood’s other services, including HIV tests, pregnancy tests and cancer screenings.”

Stephanie Szymas, vice president of Feminists United, justified the display, saying her club and its supporters “celebrate the services Planned Parenthood provides … .”

But, said Students for Life, the main focus of Planned Parenthood is abortion – and that is what their display showed students.

“Our goal is simple: We want to educate this generation about Planned Parenthood’s real motives and turn them against the abortion Goliath and towards pro-life, pregnancy resource centers where they can go for honest, real help,” according to Students for Life.

Planned Parenthood’s own reports back up the fact that abortion is its goal. In June, Americans United for Life released an analysis that indicated Planned Parenthood is little more than an abortion business.

While the number of abortions it does goes up, the number of women receiving legitimate health care at Planned Parenthood is steadily declining, reported.

The report found that Planned Parenthood does 33% of all abortions in the U.S. And while its abortion numbers increased, Planned Parenthood’s overall client base declined by 10 percent. Simultaneously, cancer screening and prevention services at PPFA’s centers were cut by more than 50 percent, according to the report.

Planned Parenthood’s CEO Cecile Richards also has been exposed for lying about Planned Parenthood providing mammograms, previously reported. She admitted to Congress this fall that Planned Parenthood does not provide mammograms, has no mammogram machines at any of its abortion clinics or other locations, and refers out for mammograms. But Richards also lied about her previous statement saying mammograms are done at Planned Parenthood.

Pro-lifers familiar with Saint Mary’s College say it has strayed from Catholic and pro-life teachings, according to the Church Militant.

Saint Mary’s College was founded in 1844 by the Sisters of the Holy Cross, originally sent to help the Congregation of Holy Cross as they founded a school for boys in South Bend, eventually becoming the University of Notre Dame. The Sisters established their own school for girls across the way from Notre Dame.