Accounting Firm Purchases Building Housing Planned Parenthood Clinic and Kicks Them Out

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Nov 4, 2015   |   7:16PM   |   New York, NY

A Planned Parenthood on Long Island, New York, is being forced to move out after a new landlord bought its building.

Planned Parenthood Riverhead officials told the local newspaper they were “shocked” to hear that they would have to move, because they had been planning to stay.

The accounting firm that bought the building notified the Planned Parenthood Riverhead site that it will not renew the lease when it expires in September 2016, according to the Riverhead News Review.

Certified public accountants Markowitz, Fenelon & Bank said the firm plans to use part of the space for offices and then lease the rest, including Planned Parenthood’s office, to “professionals.”

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“The intent is that by this time next year, they will not be there,” said Tom Terry, a partner with the firm. “I bought [the property]. I have a mortgage, and I have to pay it.”

However, the abortion business insists that it will find a new building in Riverhead, according to the report.

Reina Schiffrin, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood of the Hudson-Peconic, called the town a “key location” for Planned Parenthood.

“We have to stay on the East End of Long Island,” Schiffrin said. “This is really an anchor for us.”

The New York City area has a huge abortion volume for Planned Parenthood. Last year, reported that more black babies were killed by abortion (31,328) in New York City than were born there (24,758) in 2012.

The Chiaroscuro Foundation provided LifeNews more details about the abortion numbers in New York City. While the City’s abortion rate is still nearly twice the national average, the progress is encouraging, said Greg Pfundstein, president of the Chiaroscuro Foundation.

“We have been raising awareness about New York City’s high rate of abortion for the past four years, and we are certainly encouraged by the progress made during that time,” Pfundstein said. “We will continue to work with community leaders, churches, and organization who share our concern about this problem and to help women facing unplanned pregnancies find the support they need in their communities.”

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