Woman Defends Aborting Twin Baby to Save the Other After Doctors Said One Would Die

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Nov 3, 2015   |   8:56AM   |   Washington, DC

Twins are supposed to have a special connection unlike any other relationship – one that forms even before birth.

But Trish Karter’s children lost that connection early in life when she aborted one of her twins. This week, Karter told her story in a column for the Boston Globe. In 1993, when Karter discovered that she was pregnant with a boy and a girl, doctors encouraged her to abort her daughter.

Karter wrote:

… our doctors told us that while our unborn son was healthy, his twin sister might not make it to term and would probably not survive childhood. I was 19 weeks pregnant when the second amniocentesis confirmed an extremely rare chromosomal disorder, Trisomy 8.

I learned that her condition might cause a spontaneous loss of both babies. If born, she would most likely have devastating limitations and maladies. There were also unquantifiable threats to my health if we decided to try to bring both babies into the world. The data were confusing, incomplete, and truly incomprehensible. There were no good answers.

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We had 48 hours to make a decision: Terminate the pregnancy of one twin and pray that we could bring the healthy baby to term, or try to survive the pregnancy and hope for a manageable outcome with our unborn daughter — a hope not supported by medical literature.

Twenty years later, Karter wrote that she “can’t regret” the decision to abort her daughter.

But her writing indicates that she still struggles with the decision. Her family named their daughter Dora, the Greek word for gift, and Karter called Dora their “lost baby.”

“We each must use our best judgment and we must live with the consequences,” Karter wrote; and later, “Certainly each of us has the burden of coping with the outcome.”

But Karter concludes by writing that abortion is a “right” that every woman should have. The right to kill their unborn babies.