Mad Scientists are Getting Closer and Closer to Cloning Humans, Is Anyone Worried?

Opinion   |   Wesley Smith   |   Nov 3, 2015   |   9:20AM   |   Seoul, South Korea

Human cloning used to make big headlines. But “the scientists” got smart, and just started using the scientific term for cloning–somatic cell nuclear transfer–as a way of hiding in plain sight.

Thus, when the first human embryos were successfully manufactured via SCNT, the were few headlines and most people yawned–if they heard about it at all.

(Of course, I reacted strongly.)

Now, the South Koreans have improved the efficiency of cloning, and again, the scientists are keeping mostly mum in the popular media so as to not alert us rubes that Brave New World is approaching. From the KBS World News Radio story:

A group of medical experts has succeeded at improving the efficiency of human somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT) by three times.

A research team at Cha Medical Group said Friday that it found ways to enhance the efficiency of SCNT by discovering a correlation between the quality of female eggs and the success rate of SCNT embryo development.

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The team said it has made five pilot medicine products using the new findings and plans to seek the government’s approval for a large-sized clinical test by the end of this year.

Now, add in the jet-speed advance in genetic engineering known as CRSPR.

We are coming closer to the day of manufacturing human beings via cloning, genetically engineered for desired traits.

Who cares, Wesley? Chloe Kardashian doesn’t want a divorce!