College Professor: You Have No Right to More Than One Child

Opinion   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Nov 3, 2015   |   4:33PM   |   Washington, DC

Just days after China announced it is converting from a human rights-abusing one-child policy to a human rights abusing two child policy, the National Catholic Register reports on a college professor who thinks couples have no right to more than one child. Apparently, forced abortions and gendercide is a-okay to enforce such an idea.

Sarah Conly, a professor a ultraliberal Bowdoin College, where students shell out tens of thousands of dollars a year to be spoon-fed such poppycock, think families should have no more than one child.

As NCR reports:

A philosophy professor at Bowdoin College, Sarah Conly, really misses China’s One-Child policy. I mean, really misses it.

She even wrote a book called “One Child: Do We Have a Right to More” because I don’t want to financially support garbage like that. I’m not going to buy that book but she was kind enough to write a column in the Boston Globe putting her anti-human kookiness on display for everyone to see.

In it, she bemoans China ending it’s one-child policy and asks “Is this really a good thing?” She thinks not.

She writes, “the idea that people should limit the number of children they have to just one is not, I would argue, a bad one, for the Chinese or for the rest of us.”



Then you get a lot of blah blah blah nonsense about overpopulation and all that. But then you get to the moral case. She posits that YOU have no right to have more than one child.

Given the damage we are causing, and the suffering we foresee for all those who live after us, it is clear that having more than one child is just something that none of us — Chinese or American — has a moral right to do. We have no right to cause great harm to others when we can avoid this without great loss to ourselves.

At this point, uncontrolled fertility is likely to have worse consequences than the false cry of “fire!” Even having two children — the replacement value for the population — as the new Chinese policy allows is likely to be too many children. Due to what specialists call “demographic momentum,” the population will continue to grow for quite some time even if we all cut back now to two children. By the time the birthrate stabilizes, the global population will be at an unsustainable level. So, we don’t have a right to have so many children.

Why is it that some of the most wacky, hairbrained ideas come from the ivory tower elite — the folks who are supposed to be the smartest of the smartest. Perhaps because they are elite, some of them don’t want more people in the world challenging them or their nutty theories.

Right to choose? Yeah, right.