British Doc Caught Agreeing to Kill Baby Girl in Sex-Selection Abortion Suspended for 3 Months

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Nov 3, 2015   |   5:37PM   |   London, England

Abortion doctors in England were caught agreeing to perform sex-selection abortions in 2012 in an undercover sting by The Daily Telegraph.

This week, a medical tribunal suspended one of those abortion doctors after he lied about agreed to abort an unborn baby simply because she was a girl, according to the Birmingham Mail.

During the investigation, undercover reporters accompanied pregnant women to nine different abortion facilities in the country, seeking abortionists who would perform the procedure, previously reported. One of the women who participated in the investigation was 12-weeks pregnant and had an appointment with Dr. Palaniappan Rajmoham at his facility in Edgbaston, Birmingham. She said she wanted the abortion because her partner told her he didn’t want to have a girl. The abortionist asked, “Is that the reason? That’s not fair. It’s like female infanticide isn’t it?”

Rajmoham still offered to do the abortion and when the woman asked if he could put down a different reason than sex selection for the procedure he said, “That’s right, yeah, because it’s not a good reason anytime … I’ll put too young for pregnancy, yeah?”

This week, the medical panel suspended Rajmohan for three months because he lied about the reason for the abortion, according to the Birmingham Mail.

The medical panel concluded:

“Despite you apparently believing that the request for a termination of pregnancy was being based on the gender of the foetus, you immediately volunteered to Ms A the alternative reason ‘too young for pregnancy’ and sought her agreement to this reason.

“That false reason was so far away from what you knew to be true, that the panel concluded you must have realised at the time that your actions would be considered as dishonest by the ordinary standards of reasonable and honest members of the medical profession.”

Rajmohan also faced a criminal prosecution after being caught in the undercover sting, but the case was later dropped the Crown Prosecution Service which claimed it “was not in the public interest to pursue,” according to the report.

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Last year the British General Medical Counsel also dropped a case concerning another abortionist performing illegal sex-selection abortions in the United Kingdom. Abortionist Prabha Sivaraman was accused of conspiracy and was recorded telling a woman: “I don’t ask questions. If you want a termination, you want a termination.”

The undercover investigation prompted the British government to consider a measure to ban sex-selection abortions; however, in February, despite wide-spread public support, the British Parliament defeated the measure. The vote saw the Labor Party whip the vote and defend killing girl babies in abortions specifically because they are girls, reported.