Planned Parenthood CEO Asks Speaker Ryan to Stop Investigation: “We Have Nothing to Hide”

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Nov 2, 2015   |   4:02PM   |   Washington, DC

Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards has sent a letter to newly-elected pro-life Speaker Paul Ryan asking him to halt the multiple Congressional investigations into the abortion company’s sale of aborted babies and their body parts. Richards says the investigations are not impartial and claims the abortion business has nothing to hide.

During a Congressional hearing in September, a prominent pro-life attorney made it clear to members of Congress that Planned Parenthood likely broke multiple federal laws in its sale of aborted babies and their body parts for research. During the hearings, Democrats attempted to censor the videos exposing Planned Parenthood.

Also during the hearing, Richards essentially admitted she lied about Planned Parenthood doing mammograms.

As MSNBC reported on Planned Parenthood’s letter:

Richards, who had a contentious five-hour long hearing before a House committee this month, told the Wisconsin Republican in a four-page letter dated Oct. 30, that the “troubling” practices of the four ongoing congressional committees’ probes “raise concerns about the impartiality and integrity of their investigations.”

“We have nothing to hide, and the facts are on our side,” she said. “But this leak calls into serious question the objectivity of this investigation, and underscores concerns that this is a political exercise, rather than a fact-finding effort.

Richards told the speaker that since the House inquiry into Planned Parenthood began, the group has handed more than 27,000 pages of documents to the committees and four of her staffers we interviewed for more than eight hours. She later singled out the special investigative panel that Boehner appointed last week, saying that  none of the “allegations related to fetal tissue donation practices—has resulted in no evidence of wrongdoing.”

“The fact that the members of the select committee announced to date are some of the most vocal opponents of abortion and advocates of defunding Planned Parenthood in the Congress undermines the fairness of this inquiry. Some of these members have already publicly stated that furthering these policy goals is the purpose of their investigation,” said Richards.

Although not officially responding to the letter, Speaker Ryan appeared to have a response: Planned Parenthood should be de-funded.

Ryan, in an interview over the week, said the Planned Parenthood abortion business should not get “one red cent: of taxpayer funding. Ryan’s comments are his first publicly on de-fund Planned Parenthood after his election as Speaker of the House last week.

Americans United for Life president Charmaine Yoest says Planned Parenthood ought to be aggressively investigated because it broke federal laws.

“First, they demonstrate that at the highest reaches of the organization, Planned Parenthood has been selling unborn human baby parts for profit. Now PP has disputed the notion that there is profit involved, but I think it is clear from numerous points and videos that that was the intent. You even have colorful admission from one very highly placed Planned Parenthood (official), who said, “I want a Lamborghini.” It got a lot of attention, and people said, ‘Oh, she’s just joking.’ But when you look at the context of the conversations in the video a profit motive is very clear,” she said.

“The videos show that doctors are changing their procedures in order to get more saleable parts. They talk about going in with a shopping list of human organs and changing their procedures to get more marketable specimens. That is illegal,” she added.

Yoest added: “It is illegal, and there are multiple, overlapping illegalities. Not only is it illegal to change your procedure, but the procedure they end up moving to is a partial birth abortion, which is also illegal under federal law. A partial birth abortion is a sonogram-guided procedure, where you flip the baby and bring it out feet first and kill it at the last possible moment. The ban on this procedure was upheld by the Supreme Court in Gonzalez v. Carhart. It is illegal in every state of the nation.”

The expose’ videos catching Planned Parenthood officials selling the body parts of aborted babies have shocked the nation. Here is a list of the eleven videos:

  • In the first video: Dr. Deborah Nucatola of Planned Parenthood commented on baby-crushing: “We’ve been very good at getting heart, lung, liver, because we know that, so I’m not gonna crush that part, I’m gonna basically crush below, I’m gonna crush above, and I’m gonna see if I can get it all intact.”
  • In the second video: Planned Parenthood’s Dr. Mary Gatter joked, “I want a Lamborghini” as she negotiated the best price for baby parts.
  • In the third video: Holly O’Donnell, a former Stem Express employee who worked inside a Planned Parenthood clinic, detailed first-hand the unspeakable atrocities and how she fainted in horror over handling baby legs.
  • In the fourth video: Planned Parenthood’s Dr. Savita Ginde stated, “We don’t want to do just a flat-fee (per baby) of like, $200. A per-item thing works a little better, just because we can see how much we can get out of it.” She also laughed while looking at a plate of fetal kidneys that were “good to go.”
  • In the fifth video: Melissa Farrell of Planned Parenthood-Gulf Coast in Houston boasted of Planned Parenthood’s skill in obtaining “intact fetal cadavers” and how her “research” department “contributes so much to the bottom line of our organization here, you know we’re one of the largest affiliates, our Research Department is the largest in the United States.”
  • In the sixth video: Holly O’Donnell described technicians taking fetal parts without patient consent: “There were times when they would just take what they wanted. And these mothers don’t know. And there’s no way they would know.”
  • In the seventh and perhaps most disturbing video: Holly O’Donnell described the harvesting, or “procurement,” of organs from a nearly intact late-term fetus aborted at Planned Parenthood Mar Monte’s Alameda clinic in San Jose, CA. “‘You want to see something kind of cool,’” O’Donnell says her supervisor asked her. “And she just taps the heart, and it starts beating. And I’m sitting here and I’m looking at this fetus, and its heart is beating, and I don’t know what to think.”
  • In the eighth video: StemExpress CEO Cate Dyer admits Planned Parenthood sells “a lot of” fully intact aborted babies.
  • The ninth video: catches a Planned Parenthood medical director discussing how the abortion company sells fully intact aborted babies — including one who “just fell out” of the womb.
  • The 10th video: catches the nation’s biggest abortion business selling specific body parts — including the heart, eyes and “gonads” of unborn babies.The video also shows the shocking ways in which Planned Parenthood officials admit that they are breaking federal law by selling aborted baby body parts for profit.
  • The 11th video: shows the abortion doctor for Planned Parenthood in Austin, Texas, Amna Dermish, describing a partial-birth abortion procedure to terminate living, late-term unborn babies which she hopes will yield intact fetal heads for brain harvesting.
  • Unreleased Videos: Unreleased videos from CMP show Deb Vanderhei of Planned Parenthood caught on tape talking about how Planned Parenthood abortion business affiliates may “want to increase revenue [from selling baby parts] but we can’t stop them…” Another video has a woman talking about the “financial incentives” of selling aborted baby body parts.

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