Abortion Activist Caught Removing Crosses From Pro-Life Display on College Campus

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Nov 2, 2015   |   7:41PM   |   Washington, DC

Vandalism of pro-life signs, billboard, displays, pregnancy centers, etc. is nothing new. But what is new is an abortion activist who’s been caught red handed attempting to steal crosses from a pro-life display and pretending to have no idea what she is doing when confronted on videotape.

Witness the scene at George Mason University in Virginia. As CNS News reports:

The crosses were planted at George Mason University, and in the video Hendrickson confronts a young woman who is seen pulling the crosses out of the ground. “If you could please put those back,” Hendrickson says, “this is actually a space we have a permit for, and this is not your property. So if you wouldn’t mind putting the crosses down, please.”

The woman responds,”I mean, do I have to?” “Yes,” Hendirckson says. “This is not your property and we have a permit for this space. So we have campus police ready to come. So go ahead and put the crosses down, we’d appreciate that.” The woman asks why she is being videotaped, and Hendrickson replies, “Because you’re currently taking our property.” “I mean, I thought it was just for people to take,” the woman says. Hendrickson replies, “Nope, but I understand how you could be mistaken, so thank you. Go ahead and put them down.” The woman complies and walks away.