New Jersey Attorney General Investigating Sale of Eight Abortion Clinics to Convicted Sex Offender

State   |   New Jersey Right to Life   |   Oct 19, 2015   |   3:25PM   |   Trenton, NJ

After the NJ Attorney General issued a complaint on June 16, 2015 seeking suspension or revocation of the medical license of Vikram Kaji and placed a permanent ban on allowing him to act as Medical Director obtaining any ownership in any of Steven Brigham’s clinic locations, it appears action is finally being taken by the NJ Attorney General against Steven Brigham (pictured), a disgraced abortionist whose license was permanent revoked by a unanimous vote by the NJ Board of Medical last October for circumventing state laws and illegally performing dangerous late term abortions.

When the Board of Medical Examiners revoked Steven Brigham’s license, they found him guilty on several counts of gross negligence, deception and official misconduct for engaging in a bi-state scheme to evade NJ laws.   According to NJ law, physicians who lose their medical license can no longer own and operate clinics in the state.   Brigham is said to be appealing the revocation of his license in a civil case.

In the June 16th complaint against Kaji, the NJ AG charged that Kaji conspired with Brigham and engaged in a “sham transfer” because he “aided and abetted the unlicensed practice of medicine” by allowing Brigham to maintain ownership of AWS, a professional service corporation, an activity for which a medical license is required, in violation of NJ law.

In the most recent action, the NJ Attorney General served Brigham with subpoenas on June 25, 2015 for his corporate records. The subpoenas asked for information for 4 corporations which listed Brigham as the Registered Agent. The subpoenas asked for contracts with any professional service corporation, Limited Liability Company, other business structure or individual providing or offering to provide medical services.” In addition, the subpoenas requested annual reports that were required to be filed with the Division of Revenue for each of the entities from 2010 to 2014. Brigham was required to provide the information requested by July 6, 2015.



When the NJ AG did not receive the information by the requested date, a series of emails were sent back and forth to Brigham’s attorney, some of which Brigham’s attorney responded to, and others which he did not.   Finally, when the NJ AG threatened to file a motion to enforce the subpoena, Brigham’s attorney responded that Brigham was out of the country on vacation.

The NJ AG then agreed to extend the time line until September 11 to receive the documents. When Brigham did not respond, the NJ AG asked the Superior Court of NJ to intervene which has now resulted in a Notice of Motion and Order to Show Cause by Essex County, NJ Superior Court Judge Walter Koprowski, Jr. issued on September 30. The Motion orders Brigham to appear in court on October 21 to explain why he should not supply the requested documents within five days, and not be held in contempt for ignoring the subpoenas.

NJRTL Executive Director Marie Tasy had first written to the NJ Attorney General in May upon learning that transfer of ownership was provided to Vikram Kaji, an abortionist with a history of sexually abusing his patients and prescribing dangerous controlled substances. NJRTL urged that action be taken to permanently revoke VIkram Kaji’s license and disallow the transfer of ownership to him of these facilities or any facilities of this type which serve female patients, now or in the future. The NJ Attorney General issued the Complaint against Kaji on June 16, 2015.

Surprised that no further action by the state appeared to be taken against Steven Brigham for his part in the “sham transfer” of ownership and violation of NJ law, NJRTL filed an Open Public Record Act requesting copies of documents relating to any legal action taken against Steven Brigham by any state authorities. NJRTL also wrote a second letter to the NJ Attorney General on July 14th urging that all American Women’s Services clinics be shut down since they do not have a current owner and have been operating illegally. NJRTL also urged that additional charges be brought against Steven Brigham, who is named throughout the June 16th complaint against Kaji, the facts of which, should be included as part of the state’s case in Brigham’s appeal of his medical license revocation.

In the letter, Marie Tasy, NJRTL Executive Director, wrote, “Brigham and Kaji’s long, well-documented history of repeatedly harming women and violating the law, coupled with the facts outlined in the June 16th complaint against Kaji, provide substantive and ample reasons which warrant the permanent shuttering of these clinics.”

“While we are pleased that the NJ Attorney General has taken action against Vikram Kaji and Steven Brigham, NJRTL finds it shocking that these clinics are still operating,” said NJRTL Executive Director Marie Tasy.