349 Babies Saved From Abortions So Far During 40 Days for Life Pro-Life Campaign

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Oct 19, 2015   |   10:33AM   |   Washington, DC

Here’s how we are confident that God is hearing – and answering – your prayers during this 40 Days for Life campaign.  So far … we’ve received reports of 349 babies saved from abortion – that we know of!

That also means that 349 mothers had a change of heart … because love overcame the pressures of the world.

Here are some of the inspiring stories behind this great news:

Germantown, Maryland

“Praise God!” said Andrew, the leader of this Maryland campaign. “At least three lives were spared from abortion in Germantown. God is using our prayers and presence on Wisteria to make a difference.”

Andrew said he truly believes the fight for life is being won … “because of the younger generation of pro-life warriors who are being raised up to pray for an end to abortion. Thank you for praying for an end to abortion in Germantown!”

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Fort Lauderdale, Florida

“A young woman chose life and walked out of the Fort Lauderdale Women’s Center abortion facility,” said John, the local 40 Days for Life coordinator. “God is answering our prayers.”

John said he was especially grateful to vigil participants for their faithful prayers and witness.

“Two 40 Days for Life volunteers were standing outside the abortion clinic,” he said, “holding signs and praying when a young woman came and called them over.” She said she’d changed her mind and couldn’t go through with it. “She was not going to have the abortion. And she wanted them to know!”

As you can imagine, John said, the two volunteers were ecstatic. “Our prayerful presence is making a difference. Thank you for standing in the gap for the little ones and their mothers.”

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

“There was another save!” the Milwaukee team joyfully announced. “A couple chose life after seeing the ultrasound picture of their child. Praise God! She is ten weeks along. Please keep the three of them in your prayers.”

Volunteers were praying at the vigil when another couple arrived. The abortion center always tries to usher people inside as quickly as possible, but the vigil participants were able to speak to the couple briefly.

There was a language barrier, but one of the team leaders says they’re hopeful that it was a positive discussion – the couple stayed inside for only about five minutes. “That’s a very good sign,” he noted. “Please pray for them and their child. Leaving that awful place so quickly is indeed a very good sign.”

Sacramento, California

Susan in Sacramento says 40 Days for Life vigil participants were able to speak with a young woman who had arrived for an abortion. “After a 15-20 minute discussion,” she said, “she decided not to abort her baby.”

Volunteers gave her directions to a pregnancy help center where she could have an ultrasound

The woman who had driven her to the abortion center told the volunteers she’d had several abortions herself. She said she had explained all the details to her young friend – who simply wouldn’t listen.

“Well,” Susan said, “she finally did listen and seemed to understand that killing is not the answer. The answer is life! All glory and praise to God!”