This Video Destroys the Argument That Any Woman Ever Needs to Go to Planned Parenthood

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Oct 14, 2015   |   6:32PM   |   Washington, DC

The rejoinder to the argument that planed Parenthood should be de-funded or shut down for killing unborn babies in abortions and selling their body parts is that women will have nowhere to go for the smaller portion of legitimate medical services Planned Parenthood provides.

A new video released by Students for Life of America and Louisiana Right to Life destroys that argument. Watch:

SIGN THE PETITION! Congress Must De-Fund Planned Parenthood Immediately

Lots of Planned Parenthood alternatives exist, as LifeNews has repeatedly noted:

Even though the scandal exposed more of Planned Parenthood’s true agenda, there are lawmakers who still believe they deserve government funding because of the other services they provide, such as referring women for mammograms and STD testing. However, the truth is there are countless other clinics in our country that provide those services that don’t dismember babies and sell their body parts to the highest bidder.

Casey Mattox, senior counsel at Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) explained, “What these graphics put into pictures is what the data has been telling us for a long time. Planned Parenthood is really a small part of the national health care picture in America.” He added that if Planned Parenthood’s funding “went away tomorrow,” the money “would be better used by community health centers and other places around the country that can provide a fuller range of services to women without the ethical challenges that Planned Parenthood presents.”

Furthermore, some of these health care clinics actually offer cancer screenings that include mammograms and ultrasounds. In fact, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reports that there are 8,735 licensed mammography facilities in America but Planned Parenthood operates none of them. You can view the FDA list by clicking here.

ADF and the Charlotte Lozier Institute reported that there are 13,540 clinics providing whole-woman healthcare in the United States versus the 665 Planned Parenthood facilities. These centers serve all types of women, including those who are homeless, uninsured, and living in poverty. However, Planned Parenthood’s supporters argue that these centers can’t provide the variety of services the abortion company can.