Television Show “The Good Wife” Attacks Pro-Lifers: Let’s “Kick Some Pro-Lifer Butt”

National   |   Karen Townsend   |   Oct 12, 2015   |   5:04PM   |   Washington, DC

Season 7 of The Good Wife is off with a roar using timely references for its liberal, pro-abortion viewers. The writers pull no punches that this show promotes Hillary Clinton for President – a continuing part of this season’s storyline is that Peter (Chris Noth) is running for re-election as governor of Illinois and is really, really hoping to be Hillary’s pick for Vice President.

In this episode, “Innocents,” Alicia (Julianna Margulies), Peter’s ex-wife, notes how much their relationship and the Clintons’ are alike. Both relationships, you see, are full of adultery and enabling. How fun! Alicia and Hillary could swap tips on how best to live with a man who has so little respect for women!

-Oh, come on.

-No, Peter, you want to be Hillary’s vice president. The way to do that is by showing you have a happy family. A family that overcame your sexual indiscretions because your wife forgave you and continues to forgive you.

-You’re being used.

-I know. Who isn’t?

For good measure, a reference to abortion and Emily’s List is brought into the mix. Diane (Christine Baranski) is having a cozy lunch with some professional women in an upscale restaurant. This bunch includes members of EMILY’s List – a political PAC that raises money for pro-abortion female candidates. Diane tells the group that just raising money isn’t enough, they have to raise the bar a bit. A Super PAC, perhaps? Next thing we know, the senile older equity partner of the law firm, Howard (Jerry Adler), is crashing the lunch and declaring, “I think abortion is great!” Just to make sure you understand where he stands, he asks Diane if they are ready to “kick some pro-lifer butt in 2016.”

-Simply donating to pro-choice candidates isn’t enough anymore. We need to think much bigger.

-Is that your polite way of saying we should launch a super pac, Diane?

-Well, it’s a much more flexible structure.

Howard: Good afternoon, ladies. Howard. Howard Lyman. And may I say how honored we are to be having this meeting with the leadership of Emily’s World?

-Emily’s List.

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-Of course. So, Diane, are we gonna help these ladies kick some pro-lifer butt in 2016?

-Uh, Howard, may I have a moment?

-Cary tried to keep me out of this meeting. I will not be sidelined.

-Cary’s not involved with this group.

-Don’t enable him, Diane.

-And may I say, ladies, I think abortion is great.

-You told Howard not to attend my meeting with Emily’s List, knowing he’d show up and make a fool of himself.

-No. I told him not to show up.

-You two have to quit this. Now!

There was really no reason for the abortion support narrative to be brought into this show, other than to simply take a cheap shot at pro-lifers because they can.

LifeNews Note: Karen Townsend writes for Newsbusters, where this originally appeared.