Kathy Griffin Wants to “Personally” Pap Smear Carly Fiorina for Exposing Planned Parenthood

National   |   Katie Yoder   |   Oct 9, 2015   |   10:27AM   |   Washington, DC

Kathy Griffin has a way with words.

In anticipation of her upcoming tour, liberal actress and comedian Kathy Griffin spoke with Playbill.com editor Carey Purcell. During the interview, Griffin slammed Planned Parenthood critics as “average American dumbass[es]” and declared that she would “love to give every single one” of the GOP candidates a Pap smear – including Carly Fiorina.

Playbill reported that the “self-proclaimed feminist who grew up worshipping activist Gloria Steinem” will spend time on “the ongoing efforts to defund” Planned Parenthood during her Like a Boss tour Nov. 12 at Carnegie Hall.

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For the interview, Playbill discussed with Griffin her “plan to demonstrate the importance” of Planned Parenthood – a topic which “required no prompting to discuss.”

I would love to give every single one of the Republicans running right now, including Carly [Fiorina] a Pap smear,” Griffin told Playbill.

I will personally do it,” she added.

A Planned Parenthood patient herself, Griffin bashed critics of the abortion giant.

“If it wasn’t for Planned Parenthood, I wouldn’t get my Pap smears,” she said. “If I felt a lump, and I’ve had two lumps removed from my breast… I don’t think the average American dumbass understands that Planned Parenthood is where women go for health care.”

Would Griffin also call the tens of thousands of men and women who rallied to defund Planned Parenthood “average American dumbass[es]”? But wherever will they go without Planned Parenthood?

Griffin continued to suggest that Planned Parenthood was the only option for women.

“I love that they want all these women to have children but don’t want to take care of them,” she complained, “even when the women have come out and said, ‘I’m not ready for this baby,’ or, God forbid, ‘I was sexually assaulted.’”

Apparently Griffin hasn’t heard of crisis pregnancy centers.

She summarized, “It’s so insane to me that people think Planned Parenthood is something it’s not.”

Sounds more like Griffin doesn’t understand what Planned Parenthood really is: an organization that sorts through “five-star” aborted baby parts with tweezers.

Still on the defense, Griffin retorted, “It’s not like these are clinics that are everywhere saying, ‘Free Beer and Abortion.’”

They will, however, use beer to fund abortions.

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In her youth, Griffin recalled reading about a girl who died after a back-alley abortion in People magazine.

“At the time the feeling in the country was, ‘Oh my God, this has to stop,’” she said. “I cannot believe that in my lifetime the pendulum has swung back.”

Yes, it’s too bad that those “dumbass Americans” want to stop more tragic deaths. And it’s too bad that Griffin doesn’t recognize that effort for what it is.

LifeNews Note: Katie Yoder writes for Newsbusters, where this column originally appeared.