ISIS Forces Sex Slaves to Have Barbaric Abortions Leaving Them Unable to Walk

International   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   Oct 7, 2015   |   9:19AM   |   Washington, DC

In Iraq, Islamic State Fighters are selling women as sex slaves and forcing them to have barbaric abortions. In fact, ISIS fighters bring their own gynecologists to “slave markets” so that Yazidi women can be used for sex.

The Daily Mail reports that three women who escaped captivity have opened up about the abuse they suffered while in captivity. The women explained that they were abducted and separated from their families when fighters invaded their villages.

A 21-year-old woman known as Bushra said her friend was three-months pregnant when she was captured by ISIS and forced to have an abortion.

She explained, “One of my friends was pregnant. Her child was about three months in the womb. They took her into another room. There were two doctors and they did the abortion. Afterwards, they brought her back. I asked her what happened and how they did it. She said the doctors told her not to speak.”

Bushra said the abortion left the woman in so much pain that she could not talk or move. Later Bushra too was raped repeatedly and told that she had to leave everything behind to marry an ISIS fighter. “They told us, ‘Give up your family, give up that you are Yazidi — you are now Muslims. We are going to marry you; each fighter will have one of you,'” said Bushra. Additionally, a 16-year-old girl testified that the fighters inspected the belly, teeth and breasts of all the captives before choosing their “wife.”


Another woman named Noor said they were forced to marry even if they didn’t want to. She said, “If the girl said, ‘I don’t want to come with you,’ or ‘I don’t want to marry you, they would take [her] by force. There was no other choice. One man picked me. He was old, ugly and fat. I was so scared. There were some other ISIS fighters so I begged one of them, ‘Please, take me. Take me anywhere and marry me, if you want, but take me away from this one.’ So he did.”

As LifeNews previously reported, in 2014, ISIS kidnapped approximately 40,000 Yazidi girls at gunpoint and sold them into sex slavery. One woman explained the abuse like this: “I saw in front of my eyes ISIS soldiers pulling hair, beating girls, and slamming the heads of anyone who resisted. They were like animals…. Once they took the girls out, they would rape them and bring them back to exchange for new girls. The girls’ ages ranged from eight to 30 years… only 20 girls remained in the end.”

Here’s more about the ISIS abductions:

Islamic State fighters have slaughtered more than 5,000 Yazidi people and captured up to 500 women and children in the Sinjar region. The Yazidis, whose religion has elements of Christianity and Islam, pray to a being known as Melek Taus – which translates to ‘Peacock Angel’.

For this reason, ISIS fanatics see them as ‘devil worshippers’ and under the group’s twisted version of Islamic law, give Yazidis the choice to convert to Islam or be killed. Last month, advocates for the Yazidi people urged the International Criminal Court in the Hague to investigate their persecution as a potential case of genocide.

In a meeting with ICC Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda, two Yazidi groups submitted a report detailing atrocities they allege IS fighters in northern Iraq have perpetrated since August 2014. They include the summary executions of more than 700 Yazidi men, the killing of the sick and elderly, the rape and enslavement of thousands of women and the abduction of their children, who are forced to convert to Islam and fight for IS.