Doctors Said Rachel Was “Incompatible With Life,” But Her Parents Rejected Abortion. Now She’s 17

National   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   Oct 7, 2015   |   1:25PM   |   Washington, DC

In 1998, Peter and Suzanne Guy were told that their 22-week-old unborn baby was “incompatible with life” and advised to have an abortion. Their doctors said their baby had a chromosomal abnormality and that half of Suzanne’s amniotic fluid was gone, making it impossible for the child to survive. They also told Suzanne that she could die while giving birth.

However, Peter and Suzanne refused abortion and asked their doctor for more testing. Suzanne explained, “For at least 20 minutes, we sat across from this doctor who kept telling us we needed to abort. We requested more testing, but another doctor said that the only test he would offer would be an autopsy!”

The doctor was persistent in pushing abortion and argued that even if their baby did survive, she would have no quality of life and die shortly after birth. “Over and over and over again, my husband and I refused [abortion].  This doctor said that our child would have no quality of life. We explained that yes this child would, because this child would be loved unconditionally. No matter what I said, this doctor refused to listen,” said Suzanne.


Thankfully, Peter and Suzanne were just as persistent and under no circumstances planning to abort their baby. Instead, they prayed and believed that as long as their baby had a heartbeat, there was hope. They also found another doctor who was committed to fighting for their child’s life.

Shockingly, prior to finding a new physician, their pro-abortion doctor told them the following about their situation: “In seven years of practice, no one in your position has ever not aborted.” Suzanne said, “We were sick at the thought of all those babies that were aborted because of a poor in utero diagnosis! It was clear at that point that our family had been written off by this doctor and his practice.”

Now, 17-years later, their daughter Rachel is alive, healthy and a pro-life activist. In fact, Live Action News reports that she has created a blog for women to find pro-life doctors who are against abortion without exceptions. Rachel was born alive at 26-weeks via Caesarean section and weighed one pound, two ounces. She stayed in the hospital for five months before going home with her parents.

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Here’s more about Rachel and her family:

Today, at 17 years old, Rachel is the picture of health, and a joy to our hearts and to many others.  And to think — we’re the only ones who wouldn’t abort.

After the birth of our daughter in 1998, whose life story is a miracle, I have been profoundly burdened not only for the preborn, but also for women who find themselves in a crisis pregnancy situation.  It was her life story that launched my daughter and I to attend pro-life lobby days, marches, attend conferences and seminars, and get involved at the crisis center level, loving on women in crisis and more.

My husband, Peter, and I have been married almost 25 years, and our 17-year-old daughter, Rachel, has created a blog for women to find pro-life doctors, and her heart is to get more doctors who are fully pro-life with no exceptions to join her blog so that she can get this resource into the hands of pregnancy crisis centers across the country.

Her heart is that no woman should ever be told by her physician to take her child’s life. She has also started a ministry in Uganda for a wonderful school that we fell in love with during our first visit.