40 Days for Life Pro-Life Prayer Campaign Saves 139 Babies From Abortions, So Far

National   |   Shawn Carney   |   Oct 5, 2015   |   9:36AM   |   Washington, DC

And the number of babies saved is … 139 so far during this 40 Days for Life campaign – that we know of!

It’s always amazing to see the reports that come in from 40 Days for Life team leaders around the world. No matter the location – and no matter the language – the fact that people are peacefully praying outside the abortion center has an impact.

Many times, just the sight of a single person silently in prayer is enough to reach a woman’s conscience … right as she’s walking in for an abortion.

God indeed works in mysterious ways! We just need to ask. Find a 40 Days for Life location and go pray!

Austin, Texas

Heather in Austin had a quick word of encouragement for the 40 Days for Life prayer volunteers: “What you are doing is working!”

Two pregnancy help center directors said they are seeing an increase in clients since the campaign started. “I just received a call from one young lady who went to Planned Parenthood for a pregnancy test but saw our free pregnancy tests / free sonograms sign. She stopped to talk to a counselor, took a brochure – and went elsewhere!”

One of the counselors spoke to another woman, who was about to go get an abortion. They talked … and the woman changed her mind and left.

“Keep up the great work,” Heather said. “God is good!”











Manchester, England

The Manchester team reports that during this campaign, they know of four lives saved thus far. John says in one instance, a young mother of four arrived with a friend – a friend who was against the abortion. The two spoke to a counselor for some time, then entered the building for their appointment.

Later, as they were leaving, the mother said she was keeping her baby. “She joyfully accepted our gift for the impending arrival,” John said.

There have been other signs that the Manchester campaign is affecting business at the abortion center.

“Towards late evening,” he said, “a senior member of staff, on her way out of the clinic, told us to ‘remove THAT box – it’s OFFENSIVE!’” She said if “that box” was there again the next day, she would call the police.

“That box” held a model of a baby at 18 weeks’ gestation.



Mexico City, Mexico

Several reports of lives spared from abortion have come in from the Mexico City campaigns, where volunteers have watched as women begin to have second thoughts.

A couple parked near the abortion center, but as they walked closer, the woman saw the people praying. She told the man she didn’t dare go in. And besides, she wasn’t sick, so why go to a clinic?












Another couple stopped to talk to a seminarian who was praying at the vigil. The man stayed to talk, but the woman went inside. After a bit of conversation, the man went in and got his girlfriend. They both left the abortion center, and thanked the seminarian and the other volunteers for being there.

Still a third couple pulled up. The man got out of the car, but the woman refused to. He tried his best to convince her to go in, but she wouldn’t budge. They talked for a while longer, then drove away.

Said Lourdes in Mexico City, “God keeps showing us his mercy.”












LifeNews.com Note: Shawn Carney is the campaign director for the 40 Days for Life pro-life prayer campaign against abortion.