Planned Parenthood Paid Activists Who Pelted Pro-Life Candidate Carly Fiorina With Condoms

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Sep 29, 2015   |   11:28AM   |   Washington, DC

Upset that pro-life presidential candidate Carly Fiorina helped bring national attention to the videos exposing Planned Parenthood selling aborted babies and their body parts, Planned Parenthood activists pelted Fiorina and her campaign supporters with condoms at a campaign stop over the weekend.

Fiorina’s campaign held a tailgate event at Saturday’s University of Iowa football game, in the state with the first presidential caucus. There, pink-clad protesters bombarded the Republican presidential hopeful with chants of “Carly Fiorina! Off sides for telling lies!” and “women are watching, and we vote!”

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At one point, some in the crowd began hurling unopened condoms at Fiorina. The video does not show who threw them, but NBC News reports that the protesters were distributing them to tailgate guests.

Now, a new report indicates Planned Parenthood paid those pro-abortion protesters to show up at Fiorina’s event:

Planned Parenthood paid some of its supporters who threw condoms at GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina and at her supporters during an Iowa Hawkeye tailgate on Saturday.

The payments were briefly mentioned in a story by the New York Times. “On Saturday, women wearing pink, some of whom were paid by Planned Parenthood, protested Mrs. Fiorina at a campaign appearance in Iowa, throwing condoms and chanting, ‘Women are watching, and we vote,’” reported the New York Times.

[UPDATE: The Times has since changed the language of this sentence without notification. It now reads: “some of whom were affiliated with Planned Parenthood.”]

The question of course is whether the New York Times changed the sentence to protect Planned Parenthood or if the Planned Parenthood activists hitting Fiorina with condoms were volunteers or paid activists.

Whether they were officially paid by Planned Parenthood or were merely “affiliated with” the abortion business, their actions speak volumes about how Planned Parenthood treats women. While it bills itself as a women’s health care organization, its supporters attack pro-life women with whom they disagree.

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If the Planned Parenthood activists were paid, it wouldn’t be the first time the abortion company has paid people to go out to the public to represent it. In recent years, Planned Parenthood went to Craig’s List to hire canvassers to go door-to-door to promote Obamacare.