Irish Pro-Lifers Welcome Limerick City Council Rejecting Call to Repeal 8th Amendment

International   |   Pro Life Campaign   |   Sep 29, 2015   |   1:01PM   |   Limerick, Ireland

Limerick Councillors yesterday evening defeated a motion calling for repeal of the 8th Amendment. They voted 23-12 against the Anti-Austerity Alliance sponsored motion. The Pro Life Campaign has welcomed the result and said it “highlights that when the positive case for the 8th Amendment is put forward it resonates with people and they start to question the biased attacks against it in the media.”

Commenting on the debate where the motion was defeated by almost 2-to-1, PLC spokesperson Sinéad Slattery said: “The Councillors who put forward this motion were very quick to accuse the 8th Amendment of being responsible for every difficult situation that arises relating to abortion. But they refuse to acknowledge the positive part the Amendment has played in protecting the lives and health of women and babies.

When some fairness is introduced into the debate, people quickly begin to see that there is another side to the story and that the 8th Amendment far from being some horrible imposition is actually something that is truly life-affirming and has saved countless lives since its insertion into the Constitution.

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“Pro-life supporters should take encouragement from yesterday’s vote. The pro-choice side put in an unbelievable effort to try and convince councillors to vote against the 8th Amendment. To their credit, a majority of councillors listened carefully to the arguments from both sides and decided to vote in favour of the right to life. As the public debate develops the strength of the arguments in favour of retaining the 8th Amendment will become clearer and clearer. ”